While I lived in Auckland, New Zealand, I was lucky enough to have a student teaching position at a local primary school.  I taught literacy and numeracy there every Thursday for 12 weeks, and it was simply the best part of my time in NZ.  Here, you can read all about it!

First Day of School: Preparation

Dominion Road School  My first impressions of the school in which I was placed.

My First REAL Day of School: PUPPIES!  I get to meet my class

My Real Name is Miss Jenkins Getting to know my students, plus a field trip to the orchestra!

Reading, and a Math Assessment

Alines at Morning Meeting  My first whole-class lesson, with a focus on behavior management

Nothing and Everything  The roles of a student teacher

What is a Millimetre, Anyway?  A math lesson on measurement

“And Now for the Dancing Pants”  My class leads Assembly and recited a Shel Silverstein poem

Math Assessments and Reading Running Records

Angry Bird to Comfort the Soul  My class comforts me after the loss of my grandmother

A day full of those funny, cute, silly moments only teachers get to see.

My Last Day of School  The emotional goodbye

My Final Reflection


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