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Confession: I’m a Yoga Rule-Breaker

I woke up excited to try out my new friend:

Yesterday, I took a run to the closest whole foods store (3 kilometers away!) to check it out.  The organic section in Countodown is 😦  so I’ve been on withdrawal!  Plus, I really wanted to get some non-dairy milk so that I can still enjoy oatmeal and such, but cut down on my dairy intake.  The store was called Harvest Wholefoods and it was super cute and well-stocked!  I got some quinoa and lentils from the bulk section, plus this oat milk for just nz$3.95.  I was searching for almond milk, but my choices were soy milk, rice milk, and oat milk.  This O.M. was on sale, so I figured I’d try it out!

I made my oatmeal with it this morning.  It was very tasty! I noticed that the oats absorbed it faster than cow’s milk, so I needed to put more in.  But I loved the flavor!

Oatmeal with bananas, cinnamon, and shredded coconut.  The bananas were very under-ripe and sour.  Ick.

Then, I got down and dirty: I had a massive amount of lesson planning and research to do.  I basically made a rough outline of all the lessons I will be doing this semester and got other logistical stuff organized for my internship.

Plus, I have a paper on literacy due in three weeks that I decided I should start.  I need to research and discuss this quote:  “Reading is not a natural activity, but a set of gradually acquired component skills intitially learned independently, but later integrated and automated” (Owen & Pumfrey, 1995, p. 80).  It’s definitely an interesting topic (if you are a teacher, that is!) and there are so many aspects of it I can discuss!  My first priority is to research the topic, then form a thesis, but here are some of the roads I might go down:

  • “Competing” theories on literacies are really all correct
  • Reading is essential for learning: reading is understanding
  • Implications for struggling readers
  • Implications for a culturally diverse classroom

So many possibilities! Are you as excited as I am?!

I worked straight through until lunch.

Mondays are awesome because at Pita Pit, just around the corner from my apartment btw, the large ginormous falafel pitas are on special for nz$8.

It’s a beast.  I basically got all the (vegan) fixings: tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber, shredded carrots, jalapenos, black olives, sprouts, pickles, hot sauce, baba ganoush, and grilled falafel, onions, mushrooms, and green peppers.

I was a bit let down because they didn’t have wholemeal pitas!  I was stuck with white.  Also, I missed the feta cheese and tzatziki, but you know what?  I don’t need it.  But who am I kidding? That pita rocked my world!  (PS – I only need 6 more pitas until I get a one free!)

I needed something sweet after all that spiciness.

I enjoyed a small brownie square.  (The dye form the mini M&Ms is weirding me out.)

I like the nuke them in the microwave and eat them with a fork.  Heaven!

After my treat, it was back to work for me!  More reading about reading, tee-hee.

I was a very bad yoga girl today.  I had a snack a little over an hour before class.

4 big multigrain crackers (two with hummus, 2 with crunchy PB).  You are supposed to refrain from eating the two hours before a yoga class; it’s better for your practice.  But I would rather have a slightly full tummy than be hungry!  In my opinion, that’s one of the B.S. rules of yoga.  Sort of like the rule that women who are menstruating shouldn’t do inversions.  Load of crap.  That definitely sounds to me like something a man made up.

I had a great yoga class today, despite the crackers in my stomach 😉  I want to write about the great studios I’ve found, but it deserves its own special post!  Coming soon…

Are you a yoga rule-breaker?




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