When I started to do yoga, it completed changed my life.  Here is how it fits into my day!

Confession: I’m a Yoga Rule-Breaker  Do you eat before yoga?

Sciatic Nerve Pain: My Hips Don’t Lie  A yoga injury

Yogic Chanting  Why I love it!

Hungry Hungry Yogi  Supple Knees and HUNGER!

Yoga Solutions!  Why I believe that yoga solves all problems.


Kiss Your Knees  Yoga for knee pain and hip pain

Kick-Butt 20-Minute Yoga  A quick and dirty routine you can do anywhere.  As long as there’s room for a yoga mat!

Yoga to do in the Car


Hot Vinyasa Yoga

Free Yoga  Take this free class, anywhere!

Auckland Yoga Academy  A great deal on Ashtanga classes in New Zealand.

The Loft Yoga Lounge  Not just an Ashtanga class – it’s followed by a vegan dinner!

Pose Profile

Legs Up on the Wall

Down Dog




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