I was lucky enough to live in Auckland, New Zealand for 5 months while studying abroad.  Here you can read about all the wonderful things that Auckland has to offer!  Plus some funny Kiwi stories along the way 🙂

Final preparations  Getting ready to leave the USA

The Flights!  The 24+ hour journey!

My First Day in Auckland  The longest day ever: moving into our apartment and the errands needed to make those arrangements!

International Student Orientation  Satya Indian restaurant, AUT study abroad student orientation, and hokey pokey

Our First Weekend  Takapuna Beach, Chinese Lantern Festival, and Mount Eden

Devonport Wine, Food, and Music Festival 

Devonport, New Zealand  A day trip to the charming town on the North Shore: hiking and chocolate!

6K Coastal Challenge  A 6K race along the North Shore of Auckland

Race Results!

Tramping Around Auckland  All the fun hikes near Auckland CBD

Back to School Week  AUT Orientation, Mission Bay beach, and first week of classess

FREE FEED!!!  Free Food on Campus, plus some other early Kiwi eats.

Auckland Farmer’s Market  Our first trip to the weekly market.

A Day in the Life of Kiwi-Made Jam: Breakfast

A Day in the Life of Kiwi-Made Jam: Lunch

A Day in the Life of Kiwi-Made Jam: Dinner (and Dessert!)

Big Chard  More Farmer’s Market loot

Trail Running in the Jungle  Just a typical jog through Auckland’s park

What I had to live without…..  Two technical benefits of living in the USA

The Juicery  A great juice bar in Auckland – you can even get a green monster!

Surfing Lessons  We learn how to surf on an Auckland beach

What is American Food?  We are challenged to cook an American dish.

Noho Marae Cultural Weekend  A school-sponsored experience into the native NZ culture

World Culture?  World Cuisine!  I get a chance to try some international food, as well as local Kiwi favorites

Our Weekends Start on Tuesdays  Auckland Nightlife for a Uni kid

Apparently it’s cold today….  The Kiwi perception of weather

5K for Christchurch  I run a virtual race to raise money for the earthquake relief effort

Free Concert and Cheap Food  We get a $1 dinner and free concert, right in our backyard!

Run to Cure Homesickness  I release my homesick feelings the best way I know how – hit the pavement!

Eating to Cure Homesickenss  Some meals we have during a homesick weekend

St. Paddy’s Day & The Morning After Pub-hopping through very Irish-influenced Auckland

Habitual Fix and Licorice Logs  Healthy, cheap fast food and a yummy treat!

Bungy Jumping: A Leap of Faith  AMAZING!

Kayak Waiheke: Shut Up and Paddle!  Led by a native with lots of animal life!

Date Ideas  The best crepes and fish ‘n’ chips in Auckland.  Also, the public library.

A Free Americano for this American…a  A funny story about Kiwi Starbucks

Zumba: Not Bad for a White Girl  My experience at a Kiwi Zumba class

Hunger is Non-Negotiable  Faro Spanish restaurant in Elliot Stables

Auckland Museum: Polynesian Artifacts  We just get to see a fraction of the museum

NZ Dairy Alternative and Pita Pit!!!  Oatmilk and Falafel Pita wraps

Apartment Yoga  How I tried to squeeze in my practice in my tiny room…plus trivia!

“Are you a vegetarian now?!”  How my diet changed in New Zealand

CinnaBon Craving Conquered!  How I satisfy my American appetite

Karaoke Rehearsal  For Father Ted’s

Coast to Coast Walk  A 16km journey from the North to South Coast of Auckland

Textbook Fiasco  The troubles of being a study abroad student.

ARE YOU EXCITED?!?!?!  Even in New Zealand, there is no thrill like finishing a paper.

Where is the Love?  We sing an American anthem at Karaoke after Father Ted’s trivia.

Dreaming of Kitchen-Ware  Dealing with a severely sub-par student apartment kitchen.

Course Registration  Registering for classes at UVM from down-under.

The Loft Yoga Lounge  My favorite studio in Auckland.

Auckland Inner City Dash  A great jogging route

The Treaty of Waitangi I finally finish my Maori culture essay

New Zealand Chili  Finished my leadership presentation and prepared an American dish

Packages from Maine!  Hannah’s Nana in Maine sends her a package.

Winter is Almost Here!  The seasons are all messed up down under.

May Foliage  Imagine that!  The leaves were changing in May!

Package from Princeton!  A seriosuly thoughtful package arrives from Hannah’s mom!

Cinco de Mayo  Getting in touch with Mexico…in New Zealand!

What I Eat on Sick Days  Under-the-weather in Auckland

Slices of Heaven  A very special, classic Kiwi treat from the Farmer’s Market

Dwindling Food Stash  How we prepped for Alex’s arrival

A rough night at trivia

Photo Shoot!  We help with a friend’s photography assignment…by modeling!

Energy, Energy, ENERGY!!! How life in NZ has sucked the energy out of me.

Alex is finally here!  We welcome Alex to our apartment!

Homemade Meatballs  We cook a big dinner for Alex’s first night.

Third-Wheeling is Fun!  Exploring Auckland with Alex and Hannah.

The Last Thing I Expected  I get the surprising news that my Nanny passed away.

Dealing with grief a world away.

Looking up!  I start to feel better, we even go out for sushi!

A Perfect Saturday Morning  Spent at the Farmer’s market with Alex, then at the library

Alex’s Last Night  We have a proper send-off for Alex

Pressed for Printing  Dealing with the AUT library

Maori Culture  A look into some of my courses

Brrrr in June!  Autumn weather, plus planning for traveling with my brother!

Pancake Stand  And my final paper about my practicum

Bronze Trivia Medalist & International Potluck Kai  We almost win trivia!  And then we have a party during our last class.

What I Was Reading  Some of the book I read, plus the most stressful day of the semester

A Personal Problem  I did NOT get along with my roommates.

The Ekko Park Show  Our Trivia leader’s band played a free concert

Shopping!  Dates!  Picking up souvenirs, and eating imported American dates.

David arrives and we eat lots of food  My brother spends his first day in NZ eating through Auckland

Jenkins Family in Auckland: Friday  Airport pickup, souvenir shopping, Brew on Quay, Blues rugby game

Jenkins Family in Auckland: Saturday  Farmer’s Market, Kapa Haka (Traditional Maori Performing Arts), Murder Burger

Jenkins Family in Auckland: Sunday  Auckland Zoo, Galbraith’s Alehouse, Cookie Time

Jenkins Family in Auckland: Mon. & Tues.  Kelly Tarlton Aquairum, thrift shopping, Monarchy Thai, Thirsty Dog Open Mic Night, Devonport, Elliot Stables, Father Ted’s Trivia

Jenkins Family in Auckland: Wednesday  Pie, One Tree Hill, the Brickhouse Cafe, The Sky Tower, Orbit Revolving Restaurant

Jenkins Family in Auckland: Thursday  Souvenir shopping, grocery shopping, and the Auckland Fish Market

Jenkins Family in Auckland: Friday  Weet-Bix, The Auckland Museum, Asian take-out, and our last pint at Father Ted’s

Journey Home from Auckland  Villa Maria Winery and 24+ hours of travel

Recovering from Time Travel  How I’ve dealt with the changes of being back home.

Starting Fresh: Setting Goals  How I made the transition back into my old life


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