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DIY Magnetic Chalkboard

“A problem is merely an opportunity for a solution”

Old Friends Me and Natalie, summer 2008 in NYC

There is nothing like hearing from an old friend.  I got an email today from Natalie, the closest friend I made while at a youth leadership conference before my senior year of high school.  She is from Manitoba, Canada and I have not seen her since the two week conference!  However, we have kept in touch through emails, though at times they are few and far between due to our busy lives!  Her email today could not have come at a time that I needed it more.  Sitting at home, missing my friends dearly, and I hear from my “long-lost” Nat.  Even with all these miles between us, and all this time in between emails, our friendship is my soul food and a saving grace.  It reminded me that true friendship transcends time and distance. It does not need to be maintained.  Just a bond between two smart chicks sharing our passions, dreams…and girl talk.  Simply friends forever. =)

Also, it doesn’t hurt that she is one of the coolest people I know.  She’s gonna get her law degree.  Either social justice or international law.  No big deal.  (You’re my hero, Natalie, and you WILL change the world!)

Have a happy, healthy, and fun New Year! Here’s to the best decade of our lives.  I hope it is full of love.

These are banned from the “Men’s Fishin Cabin.” But I snuck them in… mwahahaha

Dad and Uncle Bill caught a fish!

If they didn’t have photo evidence we probably wouldn’t believe them….

New Years Eve at the cabin in Palaski, NY.  On the drive up to the house, there are signs that indicate it’s a “populated area,” just to alert you that you are back in (semi) civilization.  It’s a really beautiful log cabin right on lake Ontario.

But apparently we are so bored already that we need to skype each other from opposite ends of the dining room table.

Simplicity Today, I tore apart my bedroom and got rid of anything I did not need.  It feels so good to be getting rid of four bags of useless stuff that has been cluttering my room.  It’s making me feel very centered.  I assessed each and every object in my room, and now the only things that remain are what I truly need and want, and I have identified the purpose of each one of them.  I have fluffed off all the excess, and it feels so free!!!

Inception I watched Inception today with the family during the blizzard.  I enjoyed this film primarily because it starred hotties Leonard DiCaprio AND Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  Love it.  I won’t directly address my Ellen Page aversion but I will imply it here. I thought the concept was very interesting and thought-provoking, yet was a bit too much.  I continually thought to myself “hmm…oooh, yes! Huh? What? I don’t get it….oh wait, yeah! eeeeh wait what?  beh who cares.”   There was a pretty sweet skiing fight/chase scene which I will undoubtedly imagine myself participating in next time I go skiing!  The scenes without gravity were very cool to watch, reminded me of the Joker hanging upside down in the Dark Knight, only much less awesome and much more ridiculous.   I also enjoyed all the architecture ideas, yet I was expecting more.  Anyone else notice that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is an architect in 500 Days of Summer?  Sticking with a theme!

2 things upon which I expanded my thoughts because of watching this movie:  True inspiration is impossible to fake.  [and]    Perception is reality.

Onesie vs. Footsie I feel the need to speak out about this “onesie” trend.  As a babysitter and infant daycare worker, onesies are a more major part of my life than I would like to admit.  A onesie is a tshirt-like garment worn by infants and babies that fastens between their legs in order to keep the diaper securely in place and to easily access the diaper for clean, swift diaper changes.  A onesie should not be confused with the cozy jumpsuit/bodysuit/unitards, often worn by children, that zip up the middle and have rubber soles on the feet.  These are called footsie pajamas.  So please, your adult-sized footsie pajamas are adorable, fun, and silly, but do not compromise the identity of the true ONESIE!!!

Christmas It was a very relaxed Christmas this year for the Jenkins family.  On Christmas Eve, though we were dressed to the nines, we had a pretty casual dinner at my grandparents house.   I ate my waldorf salad and sauteed veggies cross-legged on the living room floor with my cousins.  I love my family much more than I let them know.  I regret how little I see them.  The last time I saw my extended family was on the 4th of July, and the next time I see them all will be next 4th of July.  One of my goals is to foster more relationships with them, but not out of obligation, out of love.  To me, the most important part of Christmas is being with my family and letting them know how much I love and appreciate them, but I need to emanate that more throughout the year.  However, this makes me feel guilty because I am lucky enough to be surrounded by my huge family on Christmas because some people have to spend Christmas alone.  I wish that anyone alone on Christmas, for whatever the reason, knows that someone out there (ME!!!) is thinking about them, and has hope that next year they will be surrounded by family, whoever that might comprise of.

Christmas with my VT family

On Christmas day, everyone let me brother and I sleep in until 11am, and then we spend the next 6 days lazing around the family room opening gifts and guzzling cookies.  I couldn’t help but be a bit disgusted by my over-indulgence, even though it is important to indulge a bit on Christmas.  Part of the definition of Christmas, in my mind, is that it is an excuse to spoil your loved ones in order to express how much they mean to you. And I love it! It works!  I certainly did NOT need to Pandora charm bracelet from my mom and dad, and my sister did NOT need the donut-shaped cake pan I knew she would love, but it is so fun to exchange gifts in the name of the giving spirit.  But what about people who cannot give?  Literally, at this very moment, the knowledge that there are people out there who do not have enough to meet their own needs, let alone have anything to spare to give on Christmas, is keeping me up at night.  Giving and generosity nourish the human spirit, and my Christmas wish is that (IN OUR LIFETIME!!!) everyone will be able to not only sustain themselves, but to indulge their loves ones on Christmas.

My sister Same, my brother David, and me

A world full of passionately optimistic changemakers! My vision of a world that works is one where people are committed to making change.  My dream is that each person takes the responsibility to be a changemaker in every way they can for their own life and for the life of others.  We have the power to cause a great catalyst for change by even the smallest changes possible.  Recycling.  Smiling to strangers.  Selling grilled cheese to raise money for THP.  All it takes is for people discover what that means to them and incorporate how they will be changemakers in this world, and then to apply that to whatever they want to commit themselves to.  In order to stay inspired, however, people also need to believe that their efforts are causing real change and therefore take an optimistic outlook on the world.  Each effort we make will not always appear a success, and among all the negative energy that naturally cultivates around missed opportunities, we need to stay optimistic, hopeful, and unphased.  And of course, all of this is driven by passion and love.  My vision of a world that works is one in which we wake up in the morning, smile, and go!

The 4 things I desperately need in order to feel balanced:

1. 3 mile run (it’s been MONTHS!)

2. Yoga practice (one not interrupted by my lovely friends, sorry guys)

3. 9 hours of sleep (in a row, not 2 nights added together, mind you)

4. Light, fresh food consisting of whole grains, fresh fruits and veggies, and lean proteins (UVM dining services “local” or “vegan” options make me feel like I’m eating a lie)

*currently feeling very unbalanced.

If you don’t know something…ask!

Snow It’s snowing!!!

There is something so magical about snowfall.  The beauty of something so fierce yet delicate covering our world in a blanket of white.  Today is the first day I have ever driven in the snow.  I went SUPER slow, but I felt pretty safe in the Subaru.  It’s what she’s made for.

Processed food: The cheez-its I just ate tasted a bit like nail polish remover……

Mom My dorm room only has one mirror, located on the back of our door.  Since that door is always open, or is constantly being opened and closed, it’s not very convenient to style your hair in front of it for any extended period of time.  I have adapted, however, and straighten my hair at my desk using photo booth.  This habit followed me home during Thanksgiving break and my mom got in on the action.

So cute!

May all be well with mankind

May the leaders of the earth protect in every way by keeping to the right path

May there be goodness to those who know the earth to be sacred

May all the worlds be happy

May the rain come

May the crops be bountiful

May the people be full of nutrition and happiness

May the rulers rule with the people in mind

May all of this occur in an atmosphere of celebration

Om shanti, peace.  Namaste.


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