Intuitive Exercise: Restorative Yoga

Last night, Dominique and I were talking about intuitive exercise: responding to what workout your body really wants to do.  Forget about what you think it needs, forget about what you had planned to do, but really tune in and respond to how you are feeling.  Do your muscles feel eager to prove how much they can lift?  Do you legs want to go for a wild spin?  Do you feel like you are about to break through a running threshold?  Do you want to torch some calories so you can indulge in some ice cream?  Or do you just want to cultivate a bit of energy to power through the day.  Rather than forcing it to do something it’s just not in the mood for, your body will send you signals as to what type of activity will benefit it most.

This morning, I woke up feeling really sore from being hunched over the computer all day.  So instead of going to Body Pump, I attended a hatha/restorative yoga class.  I promised myself that I would stay for pilates if I felt the need for some more strengthening.

That yoga class was pure bliss.  We took everything really slow, which is exactly what my body needed.  My muscles were so tight and tense that the best thing for them was a slow, gentle stretching.  Plus, we held poses for so long, so I was really able to melt open.  After yoga, when it was time for pilates, I just felt so loose and limber (not to mention calm and serene!), I didn’t want to risk tightening myself back up.  So, I didn’t 🙂  And I feel great today!  I didn’t get the awesome burn that Body Pump gives me, but I felt like I was really taking care of and honoring my body.

After Sam and I did a grueling errand (the DMV – I shall say no more) we went to Tabora Farm Market for a treat!  They have the best baked goods around, but apparently, they also have the largest chickens….

check out those chick’s legs!

HE WAS A BEAST and as tall as the seat of the chair!

While we chose a cookie, we looked around the store and I was so surprised to find some meat pies, just like in New Zealand!  They were even called “down under pies”!

Yes, Australia is pictures, but many people also refer to New Zealand as “down under”  🙂

But not only that, we found New Zealand Sea Salt.  Unbelievable!

I wonder if it is really special?  Maybe it gives you dreams that you are at a beautiful NZ beach or something.  I should have gotten some.  I think I need to go back!

What I did get what an espresso chocolate chip cookie with almond slivers.  Sammy and I enjoyed our cookies while walking around Lake Galena in Peace Valley Park.

We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place.  This lake is just 5 minutes from our house (when the covered bridge isn’t closed lol) and I wish I’d spent more time there this summer!

My plan for tomorrow is an outdoor run, but only if my body says it’s ok!

Do you practice intuitive exercise?



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