Car Yoga: An attempt to ease carsickness

Greetings from North Carolina!

This morning, we left for our road trip down south.  We had to have our butts in our seats at 6am!  I did a few sun salutes to prepare for hours and hours of sitting in the car.  I could feel the flashbacks to Air New Zealand already!  The drive from Philadelphia to North Carolina is a bit daunting to do all in one day, so we leave a day before and get a hotel for the night.  Plus that way, we can get into our house as soon as it’s ready in the morning!

I am usually a big fan of this arrangement, but for some reason I was feeling really uncomfortable and even a bit carsick during the drive.  Ghia and I were stuck in the back, but we kept our spirits high!

Breakfast didn’t help, though.  I ordered a soy cappuccino, but apparently the “soy” bit got lost in translation, which I didn’t notice until we had driven away.  That gave me a bit of an upset stomach.  To eat, I had one of those Special K bars I hate to love, and the perfect oatmeal from Starbucks. I have to admit, it is indeed quite perfect.  It’s made with water, and you are given brown sugar, dried fruit, and nuts to mix in.  I love it!

Ghia and I were stuck in the back, but we kept our spirits high!  I even finished another book while on the road!  It’s called Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella.  It was a scrumptious little chunk of chick lit about a woman who has amnesia.  She just woke up one day and suddenly has her dream life, husband, and job but has no idea how she got there!  Or who she even is anymore!  I felt like I could relate because since I’ve been back from New Zealand, I have felt sort of like I have amnesia – I can barely remember what my normal life used to be.  I felt her pain! 😉

For lunch, we stopped at Wawa for hoagies (can you believe they have Wawa as far south as Virginia??!?!) I got a veggie on a wheat shorti, but I added some buffalo bleu cheese sauce for flava.  It was really tasty, but with spicy peppers, it certainly didn’t help my stomach.  bluugugh

PS – I love buffalo sauce.  I even tried some of my brother’s molten hot wings ruffles chips.  WOW what great flavor!  But I’m pretty certain an entire bag would have killed me.

At some point along the drive, my loving family rearranged the seating so that I could sit in front, to help with the motion sickness.  I was really in shock since I’ve never felt the slightest bit of motion sickness in my life!  I tried some car yoga – I focused on my breathing, then did some neck rolls, shoulder rolls, and seated twists.  I’m not sure if it helped, but it felt a little better to be trying!

But luckily it was a relatively short ride.  We were so ahead of schedule that our room wasn’t ready once we got to the hotel!  So we went to Target to kill time.  I’ve decided that this particular Target is my favorite in all of America.  Can you see why?


Once we could check into the hotel and I had been out of the car for a bit, I was feeling a lot better and having some hunger rumbles underneath the nausea.  I had a Walker’s shortbread cookie and some big cheez its as a snack.  While we played the first round of SkipBo of the week, I drank a diet coke to try and settle my tummy, too.  I was feeling back to normal by dinner 🙂

David at the Outback, with a Trifecta of Margaritas!

We walked to the Outback Steakhouse for supper, which was right on the other side of the parking lot.  I was a little nervous about finding something I would like for dinner, but I ended up being really happy with grilled mahi, wild rice, and a side of sweet peas, broccoli, carrots, and zucchini!  It was fantastic!  The fish was nice and light and juicy.  But of course, even before my meal, I enjoyed approximately half of the pumpernickle loaf and a bit of the bloomin’ onion (you can’t go to the Outback Steakhouse and not have some!).  We also got a Mediterranean flatbread as an appetizer, but I wasn’t impressed.  I also enjoyed some of my aunt’s Cesar salad and my mom’s sweet potato fries—they practically forced them on me!  😉  OH!  And David and Sammy made me try some of their sample platter of desserts – carrot cake, hot brownie with ice cream, and cheesecake.


Tomorrow will be another busy day of traveling and unpacking/settling into our beach house, but I’m hoping to squeeze in some AM yoga and a sunset run on the beach!

Do you get motion sickness?


PS – I drafted this post while in the hotel, but the internet wasn’t strong enough to post it!  Then, once we settled into our house, the internet there wasn’t too impressive either.  So I took a break from blogging!  But I will write a recap soon 🙂


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