Down with the Dog

I got a hair cut yesterday!

I love how my hairstylist gives me cuts that encourage my natural waves.  It makes styling easy!  AKA – air dry!  I hadn’t had a haircut since January, so I needed to get it cleaned up, desperately.  He barely took anything off, and it feels so light!

Despite the new do, Ghia and I felt like this for most of the day:

Blagh.  Snacking which watching Ellen cheered us up, though!  I had some roasted garlic hummus,  first with a poblano pepper, then with some multigrain club crackers.

Ghia had some crackers, too 😉

But dinner was a huge let-down.  Ew it was so gross.  It was the worst quesadilla ever known to man.  First, I used whole wheat tortillas that got really soggy and from the cooking spray and flimsy because I was too impatient to let it crisp up.  Then, the shredded mozzarella inside didn’t melt because I was too impatient to wait for it to warm up.  The chickpeas were bursting out of every corner of that round tortilla, but I guess chickpeas are a bad idea for a quesadilla anyway.  The only good part was the salsa and chipotle Tabasco sauce I doused it in.  Yum?  Not.

Then for dessert, I had a cheesecake bar that my sister made.  It was REALLY good, but my stomach didn’t think it was that good.  I HAD to get the ghost of the quesadilla out of my mouth, and it was certainly the best option 😉

But I was pleased because I spent the entire day trying to find someone to go on a bike ride with me, and finally my sister agreed!  I love my bike – it’s my mom’s old bike from the ’70s and my parents fixed up for me before I went to school.

However, last fall, someone damaged it and left it in ruins on the bike stand for me to find one morning.  Guess I’m not riding my bike to work today!  I finally had it fixed two weeks ago, and I finally went on a spin last night!

The weather was perfectly cool and breezy.  We we went on a long ride and had funfunfun!

This morning, I really couldn’t decide what I wanted for breakfast, so I had a whole wheat mini bagel with whipped cream cheese on one side and PB&J on the other side.

I also had a p’nut butt- stuffed date, for dessert.

Today’s workout consisted of a spin class and pilates.  We did a lot of sprints today, which I haven’t done in a while, and they totally wiped me out!  Pilates was pretty challenging, too, because we did a lot of new moves!

After my workout, I made lunch.  Again, I couldn’t decide what to have (my appetite is ALL overtheplace) but I decided to make a veggie burger.  It’s always satisfying!

I put the veggie burger on some whole wheat bread (using one end so it was more bunlike) and put some Dijon mustard and chipotle Tabasco sauce on top. Then, I also added an orange poblano pepper, some cherry tomatoes, and roasted garlic hummus on the other side.  I tried that pickle but took one bite and said, “NO!”  Luckily, I can always count on corn-on-the-cob-off-the-cob these days.  But yikes!  There is only one left!! dundundun  For dessert, I had a slice of cantaloupe.  Smile!

I had a few chores to do this afternoon, including watering the plants.  Immediately after I finished watering them all, it started to rain.  I hope those greenies were extra thirsty today!  I also picked some fresh cherry tomatoes from our garden.


I am usually very obsessed with Down Dog, but for some reason I am extra obsessed with it today.

I’ve had many yoga teachers who tell me that Down Dog stretches all of your muscles.

I can personally vouch that it stretches your lower back (as long as you point your tailbone skyward) and your hamstrings (as long as you straighten your legs and work your heels towards the floor).

It can be really tiring on the shoulders, but once you build up that strength, trust me when I say that you could stay there all day.  Today, I might just!

It also helps you pay more attention to your breath.  I always aim for 5 full inhales and exhales at a time.

It also helps to realign your skeletal structure, as long as you have the right alignment.

  1. Hands slightly wider than shoulder width, fingers spread, middle finger parallel with the sides of the mat
  2. Hands and feet are about the same distance apart that they would be in plank.
  3. Shoulder blades sliding down the back and tailbone pointed up in the air
  4. Feet hip width apart, toes facing forward, heels striving to (some day!) reach the mat

I can also vouch that it helps you focus inward and quiet and clear the mind.

Have you learned to love Down Dog yet?




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3 responses to “Down with the Dog

  1. Becca

    I reallllllllllllly dislike down dog. However, I’m willing to let you teach me to like it.

  2. Love down dog, although challenging for more than 10 full breaths!

  3. I love downward dog too! Very cool old bike 🙂

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