Spin, Pump, & Read

I love Mondays!!!!  I made myself a lovely yogurt bowl for brekkie:

  • Strawberry 0% Fat Chobani Greek Yogurt
  • Blueberries
  • Honey Nut Cheerios
  • Sunbutter

MMMM!  I started my day with a spinning class.  I thought one of my favorite instructors was teaching, but there have been a lot of subs lately since everyone is going on vacay.  But the playlist the sub had rocked my socks off!  It was like a freaking dance party!  Here were my favorite bits:

The “Hellish” Double Feature:

  • “What the Hell” by Avril Lavigne
  • followed by…
  • “Gives You Hell” by the All American Rejects

Also, we did a standing jog to “Dance Part Anthem” by LMFAO–my new favorite song–followed by a hill to “Rolling in the Deep” by ADELE–my other new favorite song.  I love to sing along while I spin.  It’s just plain fun!

After spinning, I went home and snacked on some peach slices and a p’nut butt- stuffed date.  Then, Sammi and I went to get pedicures!  My mom treated us to one so that our feet don’t look so skanky at the beach next week.  I chose this hot pink color.

Tara! Hi! These are my Chacos!

It’s called “Beets Me!”  Did I chose it because the name references food?  Maybe.  Yes.

After we got our nails did, I was ravenous and ate some corn-on-the-cob-off-the-cob.

Then, I whipped up a delicious wrap!

On a whole wheat tortilla:  roasted red pepper hummus, feta cheese, grilled asparagus, grilled red bell pepper.  But I felt something was missing, so I added some cherry tomatoes and sweet pickles.

Much better!

After lunch, I decided that I wanted to go to a BodyPump class, so I did!  There was practically no one there, so I enjoyed sprawling out and leisurely choosing whatever weights I wanted.  But it was tough on my pumpin’ body!  I consider myself very “yogicly” strong – meaning I can hold yoga poses forever minutes on end, and I can do approximately 50 vinyasas without needing a break.  Yet I can barely lift the smallest weights for all those reps!  I guess I just need to go more 🙂

My treat for going to BodyPump was aslice of the blueberry pound cake from David’s birthday.   yummyummyummyummy

In other news, I got a big surprise today in the mail today: two new books!  My mom took us kids to Border’s the other day to see if there were any good sales since it’s closing and we are headed to the beach next week (I read an average of 8 books on our week-long beach vacay!).  I picked these two books:

to learn about the vegan lifestyle


to learn more vegan recipes

But they weren’t on sale, and David loved to emphasize how you can get them cheaper from Amazon, which is why Border’s is going out of business anyway.  Hmmf.  Regardless, they ended up ordering them for me as a surprise!  Thanks, Mom (and David)!  I’ll cook ya something soon 🙂

Now I can add those books to my birthday present from Dominique,

and start my own vegan book library!  Funny how I have so many aegan books and I’m still not a vegan yet, huh?  In that spirit, I had some cheese and crackers as a snack 🙂

Tonight is Monday, so that means it’s trivia night!  I went to a weekly pub quiz in New Zealand, but that was all inspired by the trivia nights I attend with my parents and their friends when I’m home.  We are getting dinner in the bar beforehand this week, and my mom and I can’t decide whether we want a pear salad….or quesadillas.  Stay tuned to see what we order! 😉

Get any new books lately?



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3 responses to “Spin, Pump, & Read

  1. that spin playlist sounds like something i’d actually WANT to spin to (which is really saying something coming from me!).

  2. sounds like you’ve had a fantastic day and it’s only going to get better tonight!

    i’m really interested in trying a spinning class. there are some offered at my school gym and i’m intrigued. it’s great to hear that you loved it so much!

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