Why I Hate the Scale

I never weigh myself.  There is such a stigma about wanting to see a smaller and smaller number that just isn’t good for the brain.  The number doesn’t matter–it’s how you feel.  I am much more focused on maintaining a healthy lifestyle than a healthy weight.  But earlier this week–whether driven by curiosity or self destruction, I couldn’t tell ya–I stepped on my mom and dad’s scale.

And I discovered that I am ten pounds heavier than the last time I weighed myself!

It’s frustrating to think that I gained 10 pounds in the past few months, since I have eaten mostly whole foods and I exercised regularly.  I definitely felt a little beer belly growth in New Zealand, but instead of thinking of it as “gaining weight” I accepted it as an un-holy souvenier of all my beloved pubs and microbreweries.  I also feel like I’ve had one reason after another to celebrate over the past few months.  Which is a good thing! But apparently, it’s caused a little bit of excess.

But see, this is why I hate the scale!  Now I feel like I need to “loose weight.”  Now I feel like I need to “watch what I eat.”

And sigh.  I know I really don’t need to.  Because at 5’6″, 128lbs is NOT in the “overweight” category.  In fact, 118lbs was probably a little too slight for someone like me.  The fear of blowing away from the top of Stowe is real.  But seriously, I love my body and I know I look H-O-T!

All this taught me is that I need to  refocus on eating right.  In addition to my normal exercise regimen, I plan to eat three square meals a day, plus snackies only when hunger calls.  (Plus one small treat each day ;))  And guess what?  I am also going to record everything I eat for the rest of the summer!  Are you excited?!  Because that means I will be blogging about it!!!

Oh yeah–and I won’t be weighing myself again 😉

What is your relationship with your scale?




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4 responses to “Why I Hate the Scale

  1. Becca

    You’re 5′ 6”?! damn girl! I never realized you weren’t a shortie 😉

  2. Hannah

    Oh please girl! You are so hot! I bet you gained muscle. Seriously. We were so active our muscles rarely got to rest. And you know muscle weighs more than fat. –Btw, love the beach pic 😉 — Can’t wait to see you!

  3. Martine

    I actually think you are a perfect weight. Not good to be too skinny!

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