Jenkins Family in Auckland: Friday

I spent the morning of my last full day in Auckland packing, packing, packing away.  I was actually pretty pleased that I got as much packed as I possibly could so that I could relax and enjoy the rest of my day.  Of course, it had to rain on my last day, but it wasn’t too much of a damper since our plan was to go to the Auckland museum.

While waiting for the family to come meet me, I ran over to forte convenience to buy a box of classic NZ breakfast cereal: Weet-Bix.  It’s really popular here, and I realized that I had never given it a try!

I also got a small container of “super trim” milk.  I will miss the milk lingo!

Weet-Bix is packaged in small rectangular bars of wheat.

Stick ’em in a bowl!

And pour some milk on top!

It soaked it up like a sponge!

It was really mushy and didn’t have much flavor – sort of like cold and mushy oatmeal.  I added some cinnamon which made it taste better, and I bet it would be so delicious with fresh fruit!

For breakfast dessert, I had a few Anzac biscuits.

Anzac stands for the Australia and New Zealand Army Corps, and apparently they created these coconut-oatmeal-honey cookies when they were sick of gruel.  They are delicious!

Once my family arrived, we walked in the rain to the museum.  That museum is huge and we pretty much got to see all of it!  The first part is a historical part with lots of artifacts from the other native Polynesian islands.  There is also a huge “Maori” court with lots of artifacts from the native Maori people, too.  I love all the carvings.  There is also a gorgeous model Marae.

We had fun at the old school house exhibit!

And the lolly area!

We poked around in a gift shop after lunch, and Dad decided to play dress up like a Maori chief in a faux-kiwi fur coat.

While we were enjoying the natural history portion of the museum, David interrupted us while looking at a moa to go experience the volcanic eruption simulator.

It was similar to the earthquake simulator we experienced in Te Papa, but a lot more suspenseful!

We went back to check out all the beautiful, natural history of the land, coast and sea of New Zealand.

Vintage NZ fashions

Kauri Tree and Kiwi Bird


Blue Penguin ❤

Kauri Tree Gum Sap


Weta - Cave Crickets

To finish our day at the museum, we checked out some of the war and social history of New Zealand.

We all had such a great time at the Auckland Museum, it’s really interactive and has a lot of fantastic and interesting stuff to see!

Re-Created 19th Century Queen Street

We took the bus to the mall to get a few more last-minute souvenirs and then we stopped in Father Ted’s for our last beer.

I spent a LOT of nights there, and I am really going to miss the place!

Our plan for dinner was to get take out and have a picnic in the room. We stopped at forte for some candy bars we can’t get in America and some cheese and crackers appetizers.

It was so sweet saying goodbye to the cashier I’ve made friends with!  We placed our orders for some sushi and Malaysian noodle stir fries.  Then we had a picnic family-style in my apartment!

We also got a bottle of Villa Maria Sauvingon Blanc

to celebrate with dessert.

Toffee Pop Candy Bar

We ended up getting a beer pong tournament started (using water cups of course)

I was really impressed by Sam and Mom’s abilities!

Sam and David made a great team.

Mom and Dad were the champions of the night!

What a fun last night in Auckland!

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  1. Miranda

    Weetbix is best eaten by a) putting your chosen amount of Weetbix in the bowl (Richie McCaw can do 8 apparently… haha sorry it was an ad on TV); b) sprinking 1-2 tbsp of sugar over top; c) heating your milk until quite warm, then pouring over; d) slicing a banana on top; and e) making a nice cup of tea to go on the side.
    Any other way of eating Weetbix is gross. And cold Weetbix is just feral, no wonder you weren’t that wowed by it! When it’s nice and warm with a yummy sugary crust, it’s delicious!!

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