Coromandel (Part 3)

Today we woke up and headed to a Umu cafe for a coffee and treat before we set out on the last leg of our adventure.

We both got flat whites (mine soy) and scones (mine was a life-changer).

A CINNAMON DATE SCONE!!!!! I told you it was a life-changer.  I even got another one to bring home.  Brekkie for tomorrow!

From the cafe, we headed down 309 Road for some mini-hikes.  The first hike we took was to a Kauri grove.  Kauri trees are massive and strong, which made them very appealing for the logging industry back in the day.  These remaining 10 or so trees survive.

They are over 600 years old and the largest one is 6 meters in circumference!

A bit along the walk is a siamese kauri: two little kauri trees were growing side-by-side, but when they dot so big that they got into each others’ way, they joined!

Our last short hike was to the Waiao Falls.  It claimed to be 10 meters tall, but we weren’t quite sure…

On the way out, David almost ran over a baby pig 😉 and they became friends.

We headed out of the Coromandel Peninsula towards Paeroa, the birthplace of the iconic Kiwi soda-pop, L&P.

We got a bottle and took our touristy pictures by the giant replicas.

Way back when, they bottled the natural mineral water for its medicinal properties.  Then, they added lemon.  Then they added sugar.  Then, Coca-Cola bought it over.  Then, they only produced it in Auckland.

It tastes like cold, melted, carbonated Lemon Heads, but hey, the novelty factor is fun!  “World famous in New Zealand.”

Our last stop on our spur-the-moment trip to Coromandel was Ohinemuri Winery.

We had a fantastic meal, accompanied by a lovely wine tasting!

We tasted each one of their wines.

  • Sauvingon Blanc:  I don’t think I will ever come across a NZ sauv blanc that I don’t like!
  • Chardonnay:  The BEST Chardonnay I have every had!  It was fruitier than most, but just generally a lot more interesting than most 🙂
  • Riesling:  Not as syrupy as most Rieslings, and thus, way more drinkable!
  • Gewürztraminer: Had a nice zing to it!
  • Syrah: Hello, my favorite wine, duh 😉

For an appetizer and wine soaker-upper, we got a freshly baked loaf of bread, sort of like a heartier challah, and dips.   There was a fantastic avocado and lime olive oil, tomato hummus, and herb butter.  I can’t decide if chocolate or bread is my favorite food, hmmmmm.

For my meal, which I barely touched since I had eaten an entire loaf of bread, I got a Leek, Fennel, and Potato Tart with a side salad.  I brought most of it home and can’t wait to go back to it.  The flavor was great, like a lighter version of potato leek soup!

Yeah, I was pretty full, but I definitely needed some ice cream to settle my stomach.  We got the Kiwi Sundae, which is made of feijoa, lemon meringue, and plum ice cream.  And chocolate sauce.

The dog on the property fell in love with David!

We spent a heck of a lot of money, but it was so worth the treat!

When we got home, we went to have dinner in the Food Alley, the Asian food court that Alex fell in love with while he was here.

I got some Korean food in the form of kimchi fried rice.  It was so spicy and full of delicious veggies!  Plus, look at all the fancy stuff that came with it, for just nz$10!  I know that’s an egg on top, kimchi in the top left, and brothy soup in the bowl, but I’m clueless about the other two sides!

David got medium-spicy duck with noodles.

We tried to go to bed early since we had to be up before dawn to pick up the family from the airport(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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One response to “Coromandel (Part 3)

  1. Miranda

    You went to Paeroa!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHH I grew up going through Paeroa on the way to Coromandel for holidays. I don’t think there’s a single Kiwi family who doesn’t have a picture of the kids with the L&P Bottle. And two of my best friends live in a town just 15 minutes from Paeroa, and actually another of my best friends used to live on a dairy farm literally 2 mins out of the town centre. You visited my hood, yo :p
    PS: Totally agree with you on the NZ sav blancs, nobody can do white wine quite like NZ (except Spain actually)

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