David arrives and we eat lots of food!

David is finally here!

That should say "NZ"

I got up super early to go and wait at Starbucks and cram in as much studying as I could before he arrived. I asked about brewed coffee, but they didn’t have any of the coffee beans, so they REALLY couldn’t make me any!  Alas, my grande soy flat white (similar to a latte) was delicious with a little cinnamon on top.  Oh, and I was able to get some worthwhile studying in 😉

Of course David arrived the moment I decided I couldn’t wait any longer and so I ran quickly back to my apartment to pee.  We met up just after 8am.  Despite the dreary weather, he was in good spirits!  He had a great flight and was feelin’ good.

After he settled into my apartment for a bit, we went to The Brickhouse for a little breakfast.  We both got fresh squeezed juices: David’s had carrot, lemon, orange, and pineapple; and mine had carrots, beetroot, parsley, and celery.  David was a little skeevesed out by mine, but I loved it!  The parsley gave me so much energy!

To eat, I chose a date scone (!) and David some kind of flatbread that he raved about. The scone was out of this world!

I love that cafe, it’s really cute inside and draws a pretty hip crowd.

Soon, it was time for my exam!  It was pretty easy and I finished in just a bit over an hour.  I felt pretty confident since I remembered everything I studied, but there were about two questions that I hadn’t heard of at all!  Bummer.  I like to get 100%s.  But hey, I know I passed, and now I’m all done!  Officially on summer vacation!  FINALLY!

When I got back, David had taken a shower and accidentally used Hannah’s towel.  Apparently, when I told him which towel to use, he only heard the word “pink” in the sentence “don’t use the pink towel.”  LOL.  SO, we headed to the Warehouse to get some supplies (namely, a towel and blanket) but I had to stop at the convenient store, too.  David said that in every country except America, they have weird-flavored chips, like prawn or ketchup.  I told him I’d never seen any in New Zealand, but he managed to easily find a very strange flavor…

Roast lamb and mint!  The verdict: horribly disgusting.

On the way to the Warehouse, we stopped halfway for lunch.

We tried Raw Power, a vegetarian cafe that I’d always wanted to try.   It was such a wet day, so I got the curry squash soup with garlic bread.

It was really flavorful and felt so good in my belly on a stormy day!  David got a falafel wrap that he was very disappointed with.  He said they falafel balls were not very flavorful 😦  Sorry, Dave!

We had a good time at lunch, bickering like a brother and sister should.  But also, I made him laugh so hard that he spit out his water.  HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

At the warehouse, we were lucky to find a decent blanket and towel that were on sale.  He wouldn’t buy the cheapest, crappy one 😉

On the way home, we grabbed a freshly baked cookie to share :).  Double chocolate chip = YUM!

In the afternoon, I was able to get some packing done!  I don’t want to have stuff like that looming over me during my last few days, so I put away as much of my clothes as I could and began to organize my shelves.  I did my laundry, too, all the while David had disappeared on my bed, taking a pre-dinner nap 🙂

Sadly, right after I woke him up for dinner, I dragged him on the most out-of-the-way route to K’Rd, in the rain.  Whoops.  Still, so sorry about that!  We went to a rustic Indian place, Rasoi, for some curry and rice.

I got pumpkin, which had great herbs in it and the perfect amount of spicy.  We also got some Samosas, too! Samosas are one of my favorite foods.

The sauce was really sweet but also really spicy.  Perfect for me!  Everything was really cheap, and the place felt really authentic.

On our way out, we were enamored by the window display.

We decided to try some “barfi,” whatever that was, and a saata, which looked like a donut-type pastry.

We took everything home for some after-dinner tea and dessert cookies!

I liked everything, but then again, I’m pretty easy to please, especially when it comes to desserts ;).  We had so much fun expressing our opinions 😉  We all loved the saata (on the bottom left).  It basically tasted like a flaky, iced elephant ear.  TimTams, which are essentially chocolate-covered, chocolate-filled oreos, were new to me and I AM A FAN.  The barfi (the squares on the right) was an interesting texture, like fudge.  We got date and chocolate-vanilla, but the date flavor wasn’t very sweet.  Everyone loved the sugary sweet chocolate flavor!  We also tried one of the balls that Shirley got for us yesterday, which I loved but no one else seemed to be a fan of.

“Someone should have told me it would taste like an Odwalla bar!!!”  It was a chocolate ball with walnuts, pepitas, dried fruit, and coconut.  YUM if you ask me!  I want the recipe! (Note: I crumbled one on top of my oatmeal this morning – decadent!

David and I had to take a quick, last-minute trip to the grocery store and then hit the sack. The first leg of our adventure awaited us in the morning!


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2 responses to “David arrives and we eat lots of food!

  1. Miranda

    I have been past that Indian place sooooooo many times and always thought to myself that I must try it, and I have never done so! Glad to hear it was nice. I bet you are loving having your brother to stay, hope you guys are having an amazing time 🙂

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