The Power of a Great Date

and no, I’m not talking about this kind of date:

or even this kind:

but the kind I currently have access to:


I am officially smitten.

I just can’t get enough.

I like to stuff my dates with peanut butter.

Or pop them straight into my mouth.

I also like to have a date (or two) in the morning before a run.  They give me an insane amount of energy.

Or before a yoga class.  Ditto.  And because every knows I’m a yoga rebel.

Or as a mid-morning snack.  They are super filling and can hold me over until lunch.

Or as a mid-afternoon snack.  Ditto.  Except until dinner 😉

Or even for dessert.  They are so so sweet!

Or even as a midnight snack.  Ditto.

And they have heaps of dietary fiber, to boot.

So basically, if I had my way, I could go on have a date up to five times a day.

Yet they cost almost nz$9 per containerI can feel my wallet quiver.  And they are imported from the USI can feel the globe roasting.

So, when I finish this container, I will resist buying more until I’m back in the States.

I’m feeling that way about a lot of things lately. 

After a 30-minute walk (my hip is still too sore to run on, I don’t want to push it), Hannah and I went grocery shopping and literally got the bare minimum.  Since David arrives on Friday and my two weeks of family-frolicking begins, I didn’t want to get anything that I might end up wasting.  So, I can guarantee that this is what I’ll be eating for the next week:

Breakfast: Oatmeal made with cinnamon, and part-water-part-soymilk.  It will contain either banana or apple, and always a peanutbutter swirl.  If I do anything interesting, like add chopped almonds, I’ll be sure to let you know.

Lunch: Leftovers (like today).  French Toast PB&J when I’m really desperate.  Or some crazy salad/sandwich combination of veggies, cheese, eggs, and hummus. I’ll be sure to share any particularly genius concoctions.

Snacks:  Peanut butter on an apple or banana (whichever is not in my oatmeal), and the occasional carrot sticks and hummus, or almonds and cheese.  And of course, for at least a little while, DATES.

Dinner.  Stir fry.  Or pasta.  Full stop.  (That’s Kiwi-speak for “period!” Ha!)

Thus, I won’t be posting many of my meals on the blog.  I don’t want to bore my readers myself.  Sucks to be you, I guess!  lol 😉  But don’t cry, I’ll be sure to post about anything interesting…..

In fact, my afternoon snack today was actually pretty interesting!  I wanted vampire toast, but I was in the mood for something slightly more substantial with a little more of a crunch, so I got creative:

I sprinkled some chopped almonds and sesame seeds on top (plus more whole almonds on the side :)).  It was really satisfying!  I bet with another piece of p’nut butt- slathered toast, this would make a great, powered-up PB&J.

See the rain?

I spent the rest of my afternoon shopping, despite the dismally persistent precipitation.  I tell you, New Zealand has the best souvenirs out of anywhere else in the world, and since I moved here in February, I have been putting off buying gifts because I was afraid of finding something better down the road.  But now, with less than three weeks left and a dwindling checking account, I need to get busy!  Since I have been into every gift shop in both the North and South Island, I pretty much know exactly what I want to get for everyone, so shopping for it all was so much fun!  I was happy to find some great deals, too.  This is the “off season” for tourists in New Zealand, so there were tons of sales.  I can’t wait to see the looks on my loved ones faces!

Do you like dates?




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13 responses to “The Power of a Great Date

  1. I love dates! I had a couple w/ pb today, in fact. They definitely do give me energy and I can tell that they make me full for a little while. Too bad they are so pricy. Your toast looked yummy!

  2. Mim

    We r long overdue for a “date”!

    Miss you!

  3. I am obsessed with dates too! I dip them straight into the almond butter jar… YUM. Oh and I love the rainy window background!

  4. Yum! love dates! My mom served dates as a savory/sweet appetizer recently. She stuffed them with chive cream cheese – I was skeptical, but it was GREAT!

  5. Martine

    I LOVE dates! I only get them around Christmas time when they are more available and less expensive. Costco sells a large tub every winter and I usually get it. They are imported from Israel. They are absolutely delicious. My French Canadian Grandmother always made Date Squares at Christmas time and so does my Mother, so they are comforting to me as well. I will have to get some next Holiday and we can eat them when you visit!

  6. We can go on a date date when you get home, I’ve never had one before. Jamie loves them!

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