How to Make Spaghetti Healthier

I have a confession…It’s COLD! I never thought I’d admit it, being a Vermonter and all, but its pretty cold here!  To warm up this morning, I snuggled with a cup of coffee with soymilk.

Much better now, lol!  Nothing warms the soul more than apple pie for breakfast

Well, the next best thing.  I don’t know what happened today, but this bowl was particularly divine!  I think its because I let it sit for a few minutes instead of scarfing it immediately, which allowed it to thicken.  Yet more benefits to eating more slowly!

Last night was a whirlwind of tossing and turning.  My mind was full of end-of-the-semester school stress and excitement about my upcoming travels with my family!  My brother David will be here in less than a week!!!  Subsequently, my day was a whirlwind of planning: both math lessons and travel arrangements!  I am so excited for his arrival, but I have a lot to get done before then.

Pre-yoga snack was made of breakfast leftovers:

I took a break from all my planning to attend a yoga class.  The beginner Ashtanga class at Auckland Yoga Academy felt really good on my joint (huzzah!) and it was humbling to be able to get into postures as easily as usual.  I appreciated a little bit of a different challenge!  I also really liked the teacher today, her adjustments felt divine 🙂

After yoga, I made myself another microwave quiche.

This time, I added two slices of ham, and I spread a little tomato paste on the toast.  I also added way more broccoli, but then again, I don’t think that was a problem!

I made some pretty major progress on my last assignment.  I have to write a weekly lesson plan for Maths groups, planning and justifying each and every activity they will do.  It’s fun to make the lessons, but tedious to make sure I am aligning everything properly!  But that’s what makes a good teacher 🙂

I also have my entire week with my brother planned!  I’ll save the details for my recaps, but here is our rough itinerary:

  • Waitakere Ranges
  • Waitomo Caves
  • Rotorua
  • Queenstown
  • Dunedin

…is it (next) Friday yet 😉

For dinner, we kept it simple: spaghetti and sauce!  Pasta is one of the easiest, cheapest dinners out there (not to mention most delicious!), and there are really easy ways to increase the health factor.  Tonight, I made sauce out of crushed tomatoes in tomato sauce, tomato paste, and water…with some surprises.  I also added some chopped carrots and mushroom.  OH! And a few squeezes of Italian Herb Paste 🙂

I put some chopped chard to the bottom of my bowl before I added the noodles and sauce.  The steam and heat wilts the leafy greens perfectly!

Presto!  Extra healthy dinner 🙂  There are lots of other great ways to make it healthier, such as adding more veggies, a lean protein source, and swapping out regular pasta for the whole-grain stuff.  My main trick is to control my portion of noodles so that I’m not eating a disproportional amount of carbs.  (Speaking of which, did you see the new food pyramid????)  I put in just enough noodles, then load up my plate with veggies!

For dessert, I had a “Mintie” – a classic New Zealand mint.

They taste like harder mint salt water taffy, and they come in an assortment of hilarious wrappers.

“It’s moments like these you need…minties!”  LOL

Any other tips to making pasta healthier?



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3 responses to “How to Make Spaghetti Healthier

  1. Miranda

    First Whittakers, now Minties…. stop eating all my favourite foods I can’t get here!!!!!!! :p hope you are enjoying them!

  2. That oatmeal looks lovely! And perfect for a cold day 🙂

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