A Weird Sandwich & A Personal Problem

(First, a little secret……I had a midnight snack last night of PB&J toast.  And it was a lovely night-cap!)

I started off my morning with 30-minute walk.  I popped a p’nut butt- filled date into my mouth for some energy and did two laps around the park near my apartment.  I am still having some hip-pain, but with lots of stretching and that little bit of walking, it’s beginning to feel better.  Already on the mend, hooray!  I also started my morning with a whopping bowl of apple pie peanut butter swirl oatmeal.

Note: Half the apple goes into the oats, the other half gets topped with p’but butt- and eaten over the stove, lol!

I spent the rest of my morning having a much-needed Skype chat with the family.  Though I’m feeling a lot better about things, I still need to talk to them extra-much lately!

In an attempt to use up old stuff in our fridge, I had a very weird sandwich for lunch…which I actually quite enjoyed!

On a piece of toast, I put some tomato paste, swiss chard, ham, cheese, and scrambled eggs cooked with some of the chili seasoning.  It was quite delicious!  But the best part was the carrot sticks in pumpkin-kumara hummus, mmmmmm 🙂

I had class for most of the day today, from 2pm-8pm (I had a whole PB&J as a snack – I’ve discovered it’s the only thing that holds me until dinner on Wednesdays!).  I did my Moari presentation and I felt pretty confident about it, plus our professor said we did an outstanding job!  I’m so relieved 🙂  The only problem was that we went second-to-last, so we had to stay until the VERY end.  Blagh.  But hey, now that class is over!  Two down, two (plus my internship) to go!  Woot woot!

Dinner was in more of the “out with the old” spirit. We heated up a frozen pizza we had originally bought for Alex.

I am a very bad vegan.  But I can’t food that I bought go to waste!

It was pretty awful…nothing beats that spicy vegetarian!  We also ate a lot of salad on the side 😉  And more of Nana’s crackers!

But I really want to talk about something that’s been really frustrating me.  Today I had the most unbelievable encounter with my flatmate.  At the begging of the year, we all agreed to take turns giving the kitchen a weekly cleaning (yes, weekly, that’s all we could get them to agree to) and among disinfecting the counters and taking out the trash, one of the tasks on the list was to vacuum the floor.  Not too much to ask, right?  Well, apparently it is.  He cleaned everything else, but I asked my roommate very kindly if he would please vacuum the floor too, and he refused point blank.  He adamantly insisted that it didn’t need to be vacuumed.  Here is just some evidence:

It absolutely needs to be vacuumed.  Any rando off the street would agree.  He said that the kitchen was clean enough to his standards, and if I thought it needed to be vacuumed, then I should do it.  I said no, that it was part of the agreement to vacuum it every week and I do it when its my turn.  This discussion went on and on for a devastatingly long time, with me trying to reason with him that

  1. We all share this space and half of us like it to be kept clean
  2. It only takes less than 5 minutes
  3. You agreed to do this as part of the weekly cleaning
  4. I am kindly asking you, as your roommate, to please do your part
  5. It absolutely does need to be cleaned

and him relentlessly refusing, sometimes going on tangents about how “he cleaned the microwave” or some crap.  I am still in disbelief.  Hannah and I talked to our RA (the only thing we could think to do about it) who promised to talk to him about it.  I have never felt so disrespected because there is absolutely nothing that I have done to offend him. It may seem like a small thing, but he was being incredibly rude and disrespectful, and I don’t let people treat me this way.  But at this point, I feel like I’ve done as much as I can peacefully do.  (Note: I used very kind words and a level tone, when what I wanted to do was scream and swear and throw stuff!)

What do I do?!?!




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8 responses to “A Weird Sandwich & A Personal Problem

  1. Your weird sandwich actually looks quite good 🙂

  2. I don’t think he is going to change. You have no evidence that he will change. To let go of your frustration & anger, you may consider giving up your thought that he will. Acceptance is hard, but key.

  3. ARRRGH! I don’t even KNOW what I would do!! It’s so hard for me to believe that someone can be so stubborn, but just think of it in reverse: what if he were asking you to NOT CLEAN when it was your turn? Eh, I don’t know if that’s a good analogy. I think contacting your RA is a good idea, a third party should definitely be involved to mediate because you and him have obviously hit a stand-still in the argument. Good luck and it’ll be over soon!

  4. Miranda

    Woah, frustrating. Poor Emma! Try to think of it as being character building, and be proud that you stayed calm. I used to live with a flatmate who would, when we lived in a house with a DISHWASHER, put only his dishes in and turn it on, even if there were other dishes on the bench. At least don’t turn it on so we can fill it up!! I had another flatmate (different house) who, when I came home, had left a literal trail of her things from the door to the couch. She would also read all of the junk mail (why!) then leave it scattered all over the living room floor. Drove. Me. NUTS.

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