Over Eating: How I Cope

I have to admit that I haven’t been eating very well lately.  First, Alex arrived, and of course the best way to celebrate is to eat, eat, and eat!  I tried to keep most things healthy, but we ate very large portions, and frequently, too!  I am learning that even if nachos are labeled “vegetarian,” this does not mean that they are healthy in an way, shape, or form.  Also, Alex allowed me to finish off his bag of chips a few too many times.  Speaking of chips, fries chips and beer became the Happy Hour routine.  PS – I am convinced that every time I drink beer, I wake up with a mini beer belly lol  and we drank a lot of beer  😉

Then, my Nanny passed away, and I comforted myself the way that Nanny always did – with food.  I have NEVER been to visit Nanny and NOT been welcomed with a huge buffet of her excellent cooking.  Chocolate, cheese, and carbs have always been my go-to comfort foods, and I have to be honest: they really helped.  Enjoying some deliciously filling food would temporarily relieve some of the grief I was dealing with…but it did get to be slightly excessive.

Whether its it a big celebration or a time when I desperately need comfort, I think it is OK to over-eat every once in a while.  It’s not a big deal.  It’s not something I feel guilty about.  It’s not something I feel ashamed of.  It’s not something I feel stressed about.  It’s something that I think we all do on occasion, we just have to learn our limits and honor our bodies.  Here is what I visualize:

  1. Restricting = Eating Disorder – seek help!
  2. Still Hungry = Unhealthy – I am not meeting my bodies needs
  3. Not Enough = A time to go back for seconds
  4. Full = The 🙂 Place!
  5. Too Much = I’m uncomfortable.
  6. Too Full = Unhealthy – I have given myself a full-blown tummy ache.
  7. Bingeing = Eating Disorder – seek help!

So lately, my dial has been teetering between the 5 and 6 area, so I need to get back on track.  It did prove to be very therapeutic for me to let go for a few days, but I am realizing that continuing to over-eat now will do more harm than good.  Everyone goes through unhealthy phases, but it’s important to avoid creating a long-term, detrimental habit out of it.  That’s when things start to harm your physical, emotional, and mental health.  But instead of dwelling, I simply choose to make healthier decisions for my body in the present.

The best way I know how to deal with this is to eat slowly.  I am REALLY bad at this because I got into the habit of eating quickly when I had to rush basically every meal in high school.  But I am simply trying to be more conscious of it.  I am trying to put a sensible portion on my plate, then wait about 30 minutes after eating it to see if I really am still hungry.  Then, of course, I will go back for another sensible portion if I need it 🙂

Our garlic pizza app. I could have stuck with 1 slice!

So, in the spirit of eating in moderation, I brought a container to Yoga + Dinner to bring home leftovers.  The room that I practice in comfortably fits 8 people, maybe two rows of five if we need to accommodate ten.  But guess how many people showed up last night….


Yes, it was extremely crowded; we had about 1cm of space in between our mats.  I got whacked by my neighbors many a times.  I whacked my neighbors many a times.  I hit the wall many a times.  And I felt frustrated the whole time.  Heck, I even felt claustrophobic some of the time.  Next week was going to be my last week, so I debated declaring this my last session, practicing at home next week to save some $$$. Then, at the end of class, my teacher announced that next week they would be closed for the Queen’s Birthday.  That makes that decision easy!  Since I knew that it was my last time, I started to feel pretty sentimental and a bit sad.  Though I have had my complaints about the class, I have really appreciated that for just nz$14, I was able to get a full Primary Series practice, plus a massive, always delicious, karma-free dinner.  I hope that someday in the future I will find a place just like it!  I made sure to give my crazy teacher a hug and thank her before I left…

with my leftovers in tow!  Last night we had a crisp, fresh salad and delicious pumpkin soup with some dense, sweet bread for dipping…AND a carob mud cake for desert (aka the best part).  To drink, there was some lemony, gingery milk whey.  I don’t think I’ve ever shared this about the Loft’s dinners, but they are 100% karma-free.  That means that the only animal product they use is milk that comes from their own cows who live a very happy, healthy, and lovely life on a farm outside Auckland.  That is simply awesome, if you ask me!

Lunch leftovers were awesome, too.  On a bed of chard, there was some buttery noodles with peppercorn, plus a vegan “meat”ball in marinara sauce!


I have no idea what it was made of.  It reminded me of falafel-meets-polenta!  Boy, I am really going to miss these meals!

Do you struggle with over-eating?



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13 responses to “Over Eating: How I Cope

  1. Martine

    Hi Emma, I especially over eat when I drink alcohol. Maybe you noticed that too! It is hard to say no and everything tastes better. Cutting back on the alcohol will help with overeating. I love your chart! I think you are doing great… keep up the good work . Love your honesty in your blog posts!

  2. runyogarepeat

    Hey, so glad you found my blog! I love reading other vermonter’s blogs! I know I would like that food because falafel is my favorite.

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  4. Hi Emma –
    I tend to overeat when stressed or bored….so basically unless I’m perfectly content and occupied I get the munchies. I try and just stay mindful and ask myself ‘are you really hungry or are you bored’ and slow down a bit.

    I still overeat from time to time – but the most important part is that I don’t really beat myself up over it….It’s totally natural to go in ebbs and flows with the way we eat….no worries!

  5. You of all people KNOW I struggle with overeating!! Although I have it under control for the most part now, I have the hardest time when I’m with friends who are ALSO overeating, or when I am stressed out. Food can be sooo comforting sometimes!

  6. Once again, SO glad I found you. This post resonated with me so much. I just wrote a post a couple days ago (which I have yet to publish) that talks about my over-eating. It’s not too serious, but I do it every now and then and it is sooo uncomfortable. I always try to get back on track a few days later, but I just love food so much and when I’m around other people, I tend to just give in and enjoy! A little too much..

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