I <3 The Vegan Zombie

Last night, I had a really hard time falling asleep!  It was one of those nights where I just wasn’t tired – (sometimes I think that I have too much energy!)  When my alarm went off at 6am, my bed felt usually nice, warm, and cozy, but I had to get up for Reading class.  It went pretty quickly today, halleluiah, and since next Monday is the Queen’s Birthday, it was my last Reading class in New Zealand! :-O

Things are seriously winding down!  I finished my Maori essay about the Treaty of Waitangi that has been looming over me like a dark, boring, un-motivating cloud for a few weeks now.

I ADORED checking that one off my list!

  1. Maori Leader Presentation
  2. Present Maori Leader Presentation
  3. Maori Treaty of Waitangi Essay
  4. Maori Leadership Personal Reflection Paper
  5. UVM NZ Internship Reflection Paper (things are gonna get pretty reflective around here!)
  6. Math Unit Lesson Planning Project
  7. Study and Take Maori Culture Final Exam

It may look like I have a lot more to do, but that’s an optical illusion.  The presentation will be a breeze, the reflection papers will be easy to write, the math planning will be easy (if not a bit tedious), and I feel well-prepared for the final exam.  Last two weeks of school….bring it!  So I spent the afternoon getting some work done.  Life is fabulous 😉

I was very excited to get this TwitPic from my cousin Anne who attended my brother’s graduation from Brown University with the family.  (Note: She just graduated, too!  From Syracuse University!)  Her caption was: “I’m stealing your family.  Wish you were here!”  Check out the crowd, at Cinderella Portuguese Restaurant in Fall River, MA.  Isn’t she lucky!?

Clockwise from far left: Aunt Paula, Gram L., Mom, Dad, Gramps, David, and Sam

I have some comments, as I very often do:  Mom and Gram L., I very much appreciate that you are raising your glass of sangria to me 😉  Paula and Gramps, look over here!  Dad, you are the essence of DiddsterMagic.  Sam, I like your outfit! Anne, I wish I was there, too!  And David, CONGRATS!!

Also, I discovered my new obsession:  The Vegan Zombie

I have a big crush on him now because

  1. He is a vegan.
  2. He cooks delicious vegan food.
  3. He makes me laugh.
  4. He has a tattoo of autumn foliage and pumpkins.

Who do you have a crush on?



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5 responses to “I <3 The Vegan Zombie

  1. I SO APPROVE OF THE VEGAN ZOMBIE. date him so we can all hang out.

  2. Miranda

    One of my clients at work. That is Not. Allowed. I am actually professionally obliged not to date a client 😦 Seriously though… I want him soooooo bad!

    • Aaaaahah that’s SOOOOOO sad! it’s probably not going to work out with the vegan zombie and me, either lol 😉

      • Miranda

        Aww 😦 At least it’s not a punishable crush in your case though!
        I love men with tattoos!! (although I have to say privately I might laugh at a dude with a pumpkin tattoo). But I love them when they are done well, they can be really intricate and beautiful. I also think men can get away with larger tattoos than women can, all of mine are tiny, and I’d never dare to get any big ones – although I guess that’s to do with my job too!

      • I don’t even have one! I think I am a wimp?

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