A Perfect Saturday Morning

I have had the most perfect Saturday morning.

One of my all-time favorite things to do on a Saturday is to go to a farmer’s market in the morning.

I love all the fresh, cheap, local produce…

(I got my produce for the week for less than nz$10!!!)

I love the atmosphere…

(Though these two were a bunch of hacks.  They were very poorly lip synching to their own CD lol)

But what I love most is getting a little treat for myself!

My parents always get a treat to share at Starbucks on Saturday mornings, and I like to think I am continuing their legacy.  I brought home a special pastry for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up….

Since we were in Rotorua last week, it was Alex’s first time and he we went ga-ga for the gourmet hotdogs, croissants (yes, plural, he got two), and smoothies.

He was also kind enough to pick up a special loaf of bread for an appetizer tonight!

Indeed, last night I finished The Other Boleyn Girl (loved it, obvi), so I was excited to go to the library to pick out a new book.

The Auckland Central Library is really big and new inside, but their selection is seriously lacking.  I looked for a bunch of the recommendations I got, plus books from my Bucket List, but they didn’t have anything!  I ended up getting these two books:

The one on the left might insult my intelligence.  The one on the right might make me suicidal.  I predict the chick lit will be entertaining and mood-boosting, but sometimes I need a little bit more substance, and world poverty is a huge interest of mine.  We’ll see how it goes!

I also perused the children’s section to find something for school this week.  I found this cutie.

It looks like a good message about friendship and self-esteem.  It also happens to be perfectly at most of their reading level!  Let’s see if the kids like it!

Once I got home, I went for a nice quick run!  My legs were feeling really tight, but the weather was sunny and cool, so I appreciated just being outside and going wherever my legs could take me.

For lunch, I had some roasted kumara I made yesterday and I threw together a protein salad.

On some chard and kale there were green beans, carrots, quinoa, and pumpkin-kumara hummus.  It was delicious, but nothing compared with my treat!….

A few months ago, I had a debilitating CinnaBon craving, which I conquered for the time being, but I’ve still been jonesing for a steamy, sticky, doughy, sugary, cinnamony bun…

Craving conquered!  For real this time 🙂  Hannah and I split one, and it was everything I thought it would be 🙂  I put it hot in the microwave and savored each bite.  Hello, YUM!

The Farmer’s market, the library, a run, and a cinnamon bun.  I hope the rest of my day is just as wonderful!

What’s your favorite thing to do on a Saturday?



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12 responses to “A Perfect Saturday Morning

  1. Hi! Just happened upon your blog – my husband and I are Americans, but we lived in New Zealand back in 2000, so your site made me “homesick”. We lived in Dunedin for the year while he got his MBA. We loved it so much, and hope to take our kids back there someday. Enjoy every minute – it sounds like you are!!!

  2. Mim

    Favorite Sat. Morn. Thing = read your blog. (also fave sun., mon., tues., wed., thurs., & fri. Thing). 😉

  3. Those breads look SO GOOD. mmm I sure love the carbs!

    My favorite morning thing to do is to wake up early and have a nice breakfast and then spend some time sitting and reading, chatting, or drinking coffee outside if it’s nice. Starbucks porch, anyone? 😉

  4. I am sooo glad to see you have embraced kumara. When I did diet analysis (necessary as part of my degree) my vitamin A levels were off the chart, mostly thanks to my compulsive kumara consumption.
    Saturdays? Well, that’s when I generally fly to Auckland and headbang all night to loud heavy metal music.

    .. ok, maybe that’s your other neighbours? I would like to shop on Saturdays, but generally I study..

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  6. Ahhh – Emma sometimes I feel like we’re kindred spirits. Just got back from my Saturday farmer’s market. Spring is still warming up in the northeast (actually, its been in the 80’s but the produce is still catching up) I brought a $20 bill and got a bunch of asparagus, chard, joi choi (a bok choi varietal), scallions, and radishes! and I had $4 change!!

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