Looking up!

Things are looking up around here!

Firstly, I am almost finished with my Maori essay!  I just kept chugging through while I waited for my family to free up and Skype, and the end is now in sight!

Secondly, I finally got to Skype with my Dad, which made me feel so much better!  I have been so worried about him and torn up that I couldn’t be with him the past few days, but he is A-OK.  So glad that DiddsterMagic is still his normal coolness.

Also, I learned that my uncle read an excerpt of my blog post at the funeral.  I had no idea, and I am so glad that he did.  It makes me feel like I was really there, that much more.  Thanks so much, Uncle Randy, never forget how important that was to me.  (And thanks, Anne, for suggesting it!) ❤

Then, I did a full Ashtanga Primary Series in my room.  It took a little over an hour, which is totally legit!  Usually when I practice at home, I don’t necessarily cheat, but I cut corners, so to speak.  I did forget the balance postures (how could I?  They are the most fun, next to inversions!) but I made sure to go back and do them at the end.  I was a shaky, sweaty, centered mess once I was done.  #yogawin!

Aaaand….Notice the new header?  It was inspired by Dominique, who made these two designs for me on picnik.com

So thoughtful!  And SO COOL!  Thanks, Nini!

My first problem: I couldn’t choose which to use!  My second problem: the way Picnik sent them to me, they showed up very fuzzyblurry 😦  so I went to try and recreate her masterpieces on the website….

An hour later, I came up with what you see now!

COLORS!  FUN FONTS!  COLLAGE!  YAY!!!  I also changed the theme because I was never really happy with the old one.

To make things even better, we all went out for dinner!  Our plan was to buy a bottle of wine, then search for a BYO sushi place and get a light and scrumptious meal, while saving a few bucks on the booze.  We picked up a decent bottle of Merlot on sale (nz$9.99!) at a liquor store, and strolled up the high part of Queen St.  It’s basically ‘Asian Cuisine Row,’ but after stopping into a handful of places, no dice. Some places only allowed BYO wine (Alex had beer), and another charged nz$4 extra per person!  No, thank you!

Time for Plan B:  There is a little sushi place right across the street from our apartment, so we walked all the way back home with the intention of getting some takeout to bring back to the apartment.

But, to our surprise, they allowed BYO for just nz$2 per bottle!  No biggie compared to the other places 🙂  I was really in the mood to be out of our apartment, so I’m glad we ended up sitting down to eat.

The complementary green tea and lemony water made it even nicer 🙂  I love having lots of different things to sip on, it makes a meal seem so festive!

Hannah and I split three vegetarian rolls.

Fried Sweet Potato Roll

Teriyaki Tofu Roll (top) &

Italian Salad Roll (bottom)

My only complaint was that they were so big that you had to take two bites, which resulted in a sushi explosion 95% of the time.  But they were really tasty!  Each roll was quite delicious and unique from the others.  Going out for sushi is one of my favorite things to do since it’s something that I can’t (/don’t want to ;)) make at home.  Dinner was such a treat, and a great start to the weekend.  I’m looking forward to the rest of it!

Is your weekend looking up, too?




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6 responses to “Looking up!

  1. Dominique

    YAY NEW BANNER! and a new layout, I see! those sushi rolls sure look interesting…sweet potato tempura is always my fave, probably because it was the first sushi i ever liked (remember when you force fed it to me at ota-ya?)!

  2. Martine

    Emma, I am so glad they read some of your blog at the funeral! I was thinking that it would be nice if they did!

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