Lazy Girl Baked Ziti

Last night Hannah, Alex, and I were trying to decide what to do for dinner.  We knew we wanted something easy, something filling, something cheap, (and I wanted something comforting!).  My solution?

Baked Ziti – Lazy College Girl Style

This really only takes like 15 minutes of preparation, then only about 10 more for baking.  And it always comes out right 🙂

First, I cooked pasta and poured in a can of sauce and a few squirts of Italian Herb Paste.  Then, I sauteed an onion and some cloves of garlic.  Added that into the pasta, too.

Then, I put a layer into a baking pan, then a layer of shredded cheese on top.  Then, add the rest of the past…

And yes, more shredded cheese on top!  Bake it for about 10 minutes – until the cheese is melted and a bit crusty on top.

Lucky us, Alex also cooked some chicken in garlic and pasta sauce!  It turned into a proper feast.

Two words: Dig in!

It was everything we’d hoped it would be 🙂  Italian food always does the trick!

Today was the day of my Nanny’s funereal, so I have decided to have another quiet day.  I will try and get some work done (I have a paper and a presentation due Wednesday).  I will skype with my family when they can.  I will even try to bake something…

Any easy or cheerful baking suggestions?



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4 responses to “Lazy Girl Baked Ziti

  1. Martine

    I would say a fruit pie is cheerful! I am not sure if it will be easy, but it you can buy the crust and then get the fruit, like apples, it would be nice to eat! A pan of brownies would be easy too. It would be a nice treat!

  2. tara

    the peanut butter with chocolate are delicious!

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