Microwave Broccoli Quiche

I want to thank everyone so much for your kind words about the loss of my grandmother yesterday.  I still want to go home so bad it makes me cry, and I miss my Nanny so much it hurts, but it means so much to me that I have such a strong and loving support system.  It really does help.  Also, Hannah and Alex encouraged me to go out for Indian food and cookies, play kings, and go to trivia last night, which was so much fun :).  It definitely cheered me up and helped me feel a bit back to normal.

This morning, I made a pretty good attempt at getting stuff done while trying to keep my mind off things.  But then of course, as soon as I let up mid-morning, sadness hit me again.  It was the best timing though, really: it was just about time to leave for a much-needed yoga class.

Miraculously, I had no trouble focusing and staying in the moment during class.  It really helped me clear my head, and I was in a pretty good mood during the walk home. 🙂  Then, I made myself a nice lunch, which made things even better!  My Nanny’s quiche was pretty legendary, so this easy, dorm-style lunch-for-one was totally inspired by her.

Microwave Broccoli Quiche

Start by microwaving some broccoli for one minute to soften it a bit.

Then, add some cheese slices on top.

In a separate bowl, whisk two eggs with some S&P, then pour them on top of the cheese/broccoli.

Cover and pop that in the microwave for a minute and a half.  Meanwhile, I toasted a piece of wholemeal grain bread and schlepped a little Italian Herb Paste on top.

Using a fork, carefully remove the “quiche” from the bowl and place it on top of the toast.

I also added some salsa on top!

It was a winner!  Not only is it nutritious and the ingredients are cheap, but it was so simple and only took five minutes to make.  And, of course, it was really really yummy.

Now I shall try and survive the afternoon of class…I know I can do it!

Do you have any Grandmother-inspired recipes to share?




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5 responses to “Microwave Broccoli Quiche

  1. Miranda

    That actually looks like a ridiculously delicious breakfast!! I am going to make that tomorrow 🙂 My grandmothers have taught me how to make the perfect scone, and pikelets! They are both killer bakers. What I have actually inherited from my mum’s mum is a fondness for sparkling red wine. Sounds gross, tastes delicious.

    It sounds like you are coping with your loss so well! If I could give you one piece of advice I wish someone had given me, please don’t pressure yourself to feel a certain way. Just do what feels right. I hope you still manage to find some smiles over the next few weeks – and then your family will be there for you to hug and spend time with 🙂

  2. Cousin Cynthia, Kristin, Shawn and Great Aunt Dorothy from Altoona

    Your receipe sounds delicious–we will have to try it. As for my Grandmother’s
    receipe you wouldn’t want to go there–it is loaded with cheeses, pasta, and everything that you try to avoid!!!! Just ask Gram Nelson about the way her mother cooked and she will give you an ear full. Of course it was delicious though and that was before we knew about the dreaded CHOLESTEROL KILLER!!!! I am glad you are doing okay and remember when you feel sad just remember all those people that are praying and thinking of you with love.


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