It’s a very special day!

It’s my best friend Dominique’s 19th Birthday!

The Birthday Princess

She and I go waaaaay back:

Back when we were tough. Middle school, to be exact.

But believe it or not, this year is the very first time in our many years of love that we will not be together on her birthday 😦  I’m heartbroken!  Especially because she is more than just a best friend to me: we are sisters.  It’s a sin that we can’t be together today!  But I hope that she is having an amazing day without me (luckily I trust her amazing boyfriend and awesome family to do the job for me!) because she deserves the most special treatment on the day that starts her 19th year.

Through middle school and high school, Dominique and I spent every single day together.  We lived across the street from each other and had the same interests: choir and theater.  We went through everything together:  family vacations, friend drama, frightening illnesses, first boyfriends, grueling rehearsals, thrilling performances, sleepovers, college searching, school bus rides, choir officer-ship, meals, errands, chores, Gilmore Girls, and many proms!

Nothing beats our high school years together.   As some friends grow up, they learn their differences and grow apart.  Not us.  We grew up together to become the women we are today with the help, love, and support of each other.

Through her companionship, I have learned more about who I am.  We love each other so sincerely, it taught us how to properly love ourselves!

Our relationship changed when I went off the college.  But instead of growing apart, we only learned more about our connection and how much we needed each other.  The miles between Vermont and Pennsylvania didn’t stop from supporting each other through homesickness, career confusion, breakups, and college stress.  It only made our time together that much more special!

Our friendship is one that does not need to be maintained – when we are together, it’s like we’ve never been apart!  I can (and do!) talk to Dominique about everything.  She’s the smartest person I know and she understands me better than anyone else: she gives the clearest, most reasonable advice ever.

I wish that I was home to remind Dominique of what a special person she is to me.  She is fun and FUNNY.  She makes me laugh so hard and only Dominique makes toilet cleaning and trips to the bank seem like an outrageously good time.  But she is also my role model and I admire her immensely.  She is incredibly hardworking, confident, and dynamic ;).  Basically the coolest chick chicken I know.

(Remember last year’s birthday?  It included a surprise wake-up call from us and sushi night!  It was so much fun :))

Luckily, I got to skype with her (as the clock struck twelve!), but I miss her dearly and wish we were together again:

It’s sad funny that this is one of the most recent pictures I have of us together, lol.  It’s a good representation of our relationship!

Dominique, I love you so much and miss you every day.  I hope you have a birthday that is as special as you are.  Remember that you are my favorite.  I’m so lucky to have you as my best friend.  You are my soul sister.  It’s all for you.



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4 responses to “It’s a very special day!

  1. Dominique

    Thanks birdie! I love you so much and cannot wait to be reunited again! Xoxo

  2. Dominique

    Also, I ADORED looking through all those pictures! Each one is a gem (how could they not be, if we’re together in them!!!). To look at how I changed (the evolution of the hair, and the prom series) was funnnny!

  3. What a special tribute to your friend and your friendship. 🙂

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