20-20-20 Dash

I had a truly fantastic run this morning!  After my equally fantastic brekkie, that is…

instant coffee with soymilk

vampire toast

microwaved egg on toast with S&P

two dates with p’nut butt-

(Doesn’t it appear fancier when I type it in like that????!?!?!)

It was nice and filling, which was good news for my Friday morning run!  I woke up to rain, but I’m becoming familiar with New Zealand’s weather.  If you don’t like it, just wait five minutes.  After brekkie digested and the skies cleared, I headed out for a 20-20-20 dash in the sun.

What is a 20-20-20 dash, you ask?

  • 20 minutes speed walking (while listening to my Harry Potter 3 audiobook)
  • 20 minutes running (while listening to trashy running playlist)
  • 20 minutes speed walking (reverting back to HP)
  • 5 minutes of downdog, pigeon, forward fold, and handstands

I followed this breakdown and simply set out in one direction, then turned back at the 30 minute mark.  Secretly, I am always faster on the way back, so I used the extra 5 minutes to be stretchy.  I felt amazingly strong and energized during (and after!) this workout.  Though it’s a full 60 minutes of sweaty cardio, the walk sandwich makes it seem less treacherous while the run is still a challenge.  I’ll definitely be trying it again!

While I was stretching, Hannah placed a great surprise at my threshold!

A package of cookies (and crackers!) from her Nana in Maine.  WOW!

Incredibly soft peanut butter cookies, crispy savory crackers, and the cutest sugar cookies cutouts!

Hannah gave me a peanut butter cookie and a half, plus the legs of that lil guy.

But the crackers that were most exciting!  (They were the only contents of the package that showed a little wear and tear from their journey.  A miracle!)  They are made out of cheddar cheese, butter, hot peppers, and puffed rice.  Hannah warmed some up, and they were so crunchy and flavorful!

Thanks for sending them, Nana! (And Hannah for sharing <3)

For lunch, I had the last of my Chinese leftovers 😦  I’m so sad to see them go!

I put a lot of chopped kale in there to bulk it up with nutrients.

I’m proud to say that I’m actually making pretty good progress on research today!  I’ve got a good skeleton of an essay going…

Afternoon snack attack!

A green apple with p’nut butt-  How unusual!!!

In other news, I got to skype with Dominique this afternoon!  She even showed me her workout schedule:

I am oh-so proud.  (Our chat was even more special because it’s a very special day today!!!!!……..But what?  ;))

I have a VERY exciting weekend ahead: tonight we are going to our very first rugby game, then early tomorrow, we are leaving for a weekend trip to Rotorua.

What are you doing this weekend?




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4 responses to “20-20-20 Dash

  1. kath pace

    Ok…wanna know about my weekend ..starting tonight at 5:30. Neighbors over for the finale of ANTM..pizza and refreshments! the winner gets $70!!!! Sound exciting? not as much as a weekend away…for me it could be going anywhere…down the street to a local spa and a overnight…But for now I will take ANTM with some of my best friends. Then tomorrow running/exercise/gym and maybe a bit of gardening. then a very fun outdoor party..catered with appy and drinks! Now that sounds like fun for a 52 yr. old! Then OH Sunday…the boys are gone for most of the day so maybe I will get caught up on my sleep (don’t tell them) and run/gym. FUN! BUT really I wish I was going with you guys!!!!I will be thinking of you..love ya all.

  2. tickledtofu

    Just wanted to let you know that I love reading your blog! Your tips on running are specially nice for a newbie like me!

    My weekend will consist of cramming for final exams, a long run thrown in on Saturday, and a bit of time spent on starting up my own blog!

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