Chocolate Saves the Day!

I had quite a busy day today.  I’ve been working for about 13 hours straight!  Phew!  I haven’t done that in a probably 6 months!

It all started with breakfast at 6am.

I laid out my scarf to add some excitement to my standard breakfast!  Filling oatmeal (1/3 cup oats, 1/3 cup water, 1/3 cup soymilk, 1 banana, coconut, cinnamon, and peanut butter swirl) and insta-coffee with soymilk.  Good fuel for a full day of student teaching!  And a bright cheery scarf to brighten my day before the sunshine ❤

This morning in school, I did a project for UVM where I presented partitive-division and fair-sharing questions to two groups of three students.  At first we were in a nice quiet, separated office, but we got kicked out, 😦 resulting in mass mayhem relocating and basically starting all over again.  Joy!  Oh well, I got to practice my flexibility skills.

Everyone was a little bit distractable because of the disruption and the fact that we were now working in the noisy classroom, so I had to give out some stern reminders to stay on task.

I was overall pleased with how it went, especially because the students used the manipulatives really well.  Yay for active learning!

They had no prior learning on fractions or division, so I was impressed on how well some of the students figured it out for themselves, but also how quickly the other students picked up on it.  Makes my job easy!  The one thing I learned: connect it to real life and use materials – they work!

The cutest thing that happened was that one boy messed up on the above problem because he was trying to share the cookies with the mom, too!  Bless him 🙂

I love my school for many reasons, but for one, I love that even us student teachers get complimentary refreshments at Morning Tea.  YUM!  Today I delighted in a raisin biscuit dunked in my French press coffee, plus two crackers ‘n’ cheese.

After Tea, I enjoyed reading a Big Book chorally with the class.  It’s really clever how educational writers can make a whole story out of just a few sight words!  It was about a spy who “knew everything, but didn’t see anything.”  Besides, choral reading is just awesome on so many levels.  #educationnerd

After the story, I helped students get their portfolios in order for the upcoming conferences.  Quite the tedious task, (this page goes after that page, make sure you sign your name, blagh blagh blagh) and it was good that I was there to help my teacher with some classroom management.  It would have taken even longer than it did!

Then for the rest of the day, I did Running Records. (Coincidentally, I just finished a paper on them!)  These are when a child reads a standardized story based on their “reading age” and you score every single word they say.  I just wanted to practice while my teacher observed me so that I could get better at it, but apparently I’m already really good at it, which resulted in my teacher having me do running records for the rest of the day.  Almost 3 hours, to be exact.  It was most interesting to hear two English Language Learners – one improved almost a tenthfold, another went down several levels.  Good news and bad news.  Another student was so anxious about reading out loud – now I think I’m going to have him read to me every day, just so that he learns not to fear it!  I got really good practice, and now my teacher has updated reading assessments for everyone, but it all drove me a bit nuts.

Luckily I got a break to eat my fantabulous lunch!

A sandwich on wholemeal grain toast with pumpkin-kumara hummus, carrots, cheddar cheese, and chard.  DELICIOUS combo!  Maybe it’s cause I haven’t been eating much cheese lately, but a party in my mouth ensued.  I had more carrots and some broccoli on the side, too.  (And a mandarin and an apple as an after-school snack!)

After I simply couldn’t do running records anymore, I joined the class in their music lesson.  They are practicing keeping beat and creating rhythmic patterns, so it was really fun to watch them share the patterns they made up.  We have quite a musical class!

I was in charge of dismissing everyone today, so we read some poems (Kiwi ones!) and played some games (Simon Says!) in the last ten minutes or so.

After school, I went over the running record results with my teacher, and then I decided to share with her my struggles with my Maori essay.  For my leadership class, we are learning about synergizing – reaching out to those who are different from you for new, useful perspectives on your problems. So, I decided to appeal to Shirley for some help, and she really hooked me up!  She found some books for me on the Treaty of Waitangi in the teacher’s resource room.  Now I am not only excited to do some research, but I have a new take on the essay that I’m actually interested in: The Treaty of Waitangi and Modern Society – Teaching the Truth to our Youth!

When I got home, I actually managed to do a lot of work, even in my hazy post-teaching stupor.  I wrote my Leadership assignment on synergizing and did quite a bit of research on the Treaty.  Though I got a lot done, I felt like a zombie. Then, I ate.

For dinner, I had leftovers from last night’s Asian Adventure!  I heated it up on some kale, too 🙂

Yay for kale!  I shrieked with glee when I spotted it last week at the farmer’s market.  It was great with my spicy Chinese rice bowl.  I even went back for seconds!

While I worked 6am-7pm, Hannah and Alex spent a lovely day in Devonport [<– they basically did the same fun stuff we did a few months ago!].  But they didn’t forget about me!  They even brought me home the most valuable souvenir I could ever ask for:

A dinosaur-shaped white chocolate from Devonport Chocolates!  It made the perfect dessert 🙂  I cannot thank you two enough! 😀

What’s the most tedious part of your job?



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8 responses to “Chocolate Saves the Day!

  1. Without getting into too much detail – the most tedious part of my job involves lots and lots of excel…..

  2. especially if its a chocolate DINO!!! ❤

    the most tedious part of my day is the lulls in between around 10am and 2:30pm when i find i am not as productive.. and tired! lol


  3. Whoa! Your lunch looks really filling and really good! Love me a good sandwich 🙂

    And most tedious part…..the creativity. ha!

  4. “wholemeal grain toast with pumpkin-kumara hummus, carrots, cheddar cheese, and chard.”
    that looks DELISH!!!

    and yes, chocolate DOES save the day 🙂 many days!

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