Energy, Energy, ENERGY!

For some reason lately, I have not had much of the stuff.  And I am literally the type of person who usually bounces off the walls all day long.  But now I am feeling sluggish more often than my normal energetic.  I’m not too worried, because I think that sometimes feelings (including energy) come in waves, or phases in our lives, but I am so ready for this tsunami to be over.  I just don’t feel like myself.

Possible reasons why I have low energy:

  • Boredom.  I would estimate about 85% of my time here in NZ can be classified as “free time.”
  • Infrequent yoga.  I went from practicing 6 days a week to only 2 (and that’s pushing it) times a week.
  • Homesick.  And it’s not getting any better.  I just miss home and everything about it so much!
  • Diet.  Not only have I been eating dairy, but I’ve been eating meat, too!  And a little too much sugar.
  • Low-intensity runs.  My knee pain shocked me into taking it easier.  I miss those runner’s highs!
  • Insecurity.  My skin has officially plateaued and call me superficial but I admit, it had blundered my confidence.

I want to note that for me, low energy RARELY has to do with a lack of sleep. (Besides, most nights here I can, and occasionally do, sleep up to 9 hours!)  My SUPER-crazy-busy schedule ever since high school has taught me how to function completely normally on very little sleep.

Over these years of sleep-deprivation, I have a compiled a couple (million) strategies to increase energy.  I thought that they were a part of my natural lifestyle by now, but maybe since they are in less demand lately, they are taking a nap?  Scoff, sleeping on the job.  So I’ve revisited them to try and wake them up.

  • Focus on the positive!  I am a naturally optimistic person, but I need to count my blessings more.  I have so freakin’ many, I might as well shout them from the rooftops like I usually do.  I shall do this:
  • Stay socially connected!  Friends are the real antidote to any problem, so instead of wishing I was with the people I love, I should just talk with them online!  Easy!  Also, I go wild for helping people, so I need to get creative and find a way to do things for others…
  • Eat a karma-free diet!  I am really struggling with this lately, can you tell?  Call me crazy, but I seriously think that eating meat is causing me to feel sad.  I would also like to be mostly chemical- and sugar-free, but unfortunately that’s a very expensive and difficult thing for me to do right now.  In the meantime, I’ll obsess over my karma-free, posion-free meals, and drink lots of water to drain the rest of the bad stuff out.
  • Unplug!  I am spending an unhealthy chunk of my free time on the computer, and I desperately need some off-screen time to get back down to Earth.  I should probably work out a schedule, cause that’s how I do…
  • Get moving!  If I have the mindset that a run (or walk!) is exhilarating, then it will leave that effect, runner’s high or no.  Also, inversions are a great way to get a burst of energy.  Bridge, wheel, shoulder-stand, headstand, forearm-stand (practice), or handstand (more practice).

  • Make plans!  I do have lots of fun stuff to look forward to, but I think that I should make specific plans to get excited about for when the family comes and for the summer.  I’ll be bouncing up and down with excitement!
  • Get stuff done!  I get such a rush from crossing things off my to-do list.  Though I only have like 2 more assignments for the whole year, getting some progress on them would make me feel great, I expect!
  • Laugh and smile, sing and dance!  It’s shocking how much less of this I have been doing!  Gasp!  I can always count on the Shaytards for help with some extra smiling and laughter!  Or Regina Spektor to help with the singing and dancing 🙂
  • Feel pretty!   So what, my skin looks less-than-perfect?  Who cares?  The rest of me is still a hottie!  I have been meaning to do my nails for a while now, I should really take the time to straighten my hair more, and I should always pick a cute outfit!  Cause that’s FUN.
  • Meditate.  It’s simply best way to let bad feelings drain away, leaving behind everything good.

My instinct is to say that today was a bit lackluster, but that’s a lie, self.  It was really quite awesome. I don’t know why, but I failed to photograph breakfast!  It was just the same old, banana-cinnamon oatmeal and coffee.  Except not very “same old” because my new soymilk (which was on sale for nz$2.50-cheap as!) is vanilla flavored.  And quite nice 🙂

We got our literacy papers back in Reading today (remember the pain and agony that caused?).  I was SO anxious, but luckily…

PHEW!  I’ll take it 😉

Lunch was also awesome.

Leftovers from last night’s Honey-Curry Tofu, one small kumara (sweet potato’s cuzzie), and salad greens.

I spent the afternoon getting stuff done (hey now!).  My second reading assignment is nearly finished and I started the research for my final Maori culture paper!  But again, I failed to take pictures of my snacks!  What’s up with that?  Apple w/ p’nut butt- and cheese ‘n’ crackers.

The real fabulousness of my day came from, yoga, of course.  Yoga AND dinner, to be exact!  I don’t like the way my teacher counts the breaths out loud.  I’m at breath 8 by the time she gets to 4!  It drives me a little nuts.  As if I don’t already have a hard time staying still as it is, lol.  Plus, I was sort of jammed in the corner, right next to the heater.  But what really matters is that I felt grrrrreat afterwords! I even think all the strength-training I’ve been doing lately is making me feel, well, stronger!

I would like to share that the cheap mat I bought for my temporary stay here is sort of silly.  It has a name!

lol.  I try and make sure the label is face-down.  Dinner was extra fantastic tonight, as usual!  I had a a delicious baked samosa with peas and carrots inside and a sweet chutney on top!  And a great salad, too.  And really sweet, fruity tea.  And a sugary cakey thing, I’m not really sure what it was but it tasted like maple syrup and heaven.  There was more food, too, but I saved it for tomorrow!  Huzzah!

Now, after getting smiles and giggles from today’s Shaytards daily vlog, I am going to unplug and read The Other Boleyn Girl.  And I am looking forward to it!

Any tips for increasing energy?



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13 responses to “Energy, Energy, ENERGY!

  1. Ada

    Yay, congrats on the grade! That’s amazing! To increase energy I usually go on a long run, the endorphins seem to wake me right up;)

  2. czechvegan

    Congrats on the grade! Hope you´ll get your energy back soon:) You plan sounds really good:) And I love the lunch you posted, looks tasty.

  3. This is great post! Jessica’s daily affirmation was terrific. I love headstands too. They are the frosting of my yoga practice. If I had such reduced yoga, I’d be glum too! Maybe you just have to do yoga by yourself in between. 🙂

  4. Cassie

    I’m sure you will get your energy back soon – This looks like a great plan to me! Very good ideas to get yourself going =D How much running and strength training did you do when you were doing yoga 6 days a week!? Just curious haha… I’m afraid I’m being a little too lazy with my workout scheduling lol

    • I didn’t do any strength training during my intensive yoga phase (those asanas were enough!) and I didn’t run at all either, though I did walk about 2 miles a day. It was a good balance, though I wish I had ran maybe twice a week or so.

  5. Miranda

    Can I suggest taking time to unplug and explore Auckland? I freaking LOVE Auckland. Although it is an expensive city. My favourite (free!!) thing to do is go to the Michael Joseph Savage Memorial at Bastion Point. You go to Mission Bay and walk up the massive hill at Bastion Point which is at the city end of the strip. (You might actually be better off to Google it, those directions were pretty crap sorry!) It’s incredibly beautiful. I really think you should go to the zoo. That sounds lame, but Auckland Zoo is awesome (better than Taronga Zoo in Sydney I think) AND it’s just on the other side of Ponsonby/Grey Lynn so it’s easy to bus there. And then while you’re there, you should walk around Western Springs Park, too, which is stunning.

    You should also think about hitting up Rainbows End down in Manukau, it is expensive (well I haven’t been for ages but last time it wasn’t cheap) but what is more fun than a theme park???

    I’m sorry to hear that you’re feeling sad, but Auckland has so many fun things to do that I hope you can find the time to enjoy them all! It’s not often you get to live in the largest Polynesian city in the world! Have you been to Auckland Museum at the Domain?? You must, must, MUST go to the museum before you leave Auckland. It makes me very proud to be from NZ!!

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