Healthy Dessert? How to Resist Sweets

Tell me if I am correct: am I the only college student who wakes up at sunrise on Sunday mornings?

I think yes.  But the rest of them sure are missing out on these views!

A coffee with soymilk started my day.  (I am beginning to resent my plain white mug on my plain white desk, so I snuck my beautiful Vera Bradley wallet in the frame for some pretty factor. 🙂 Enjoy.)

 I had a classic bowl of oatmeal while working on my Reading project.

  • 1/2 chopped banana
  • 1/3 cup oats
  • 2/3 cup water+soymilk
  • Cinnamon
  • Shredded coconut

I have to analyze a reading running record, then plan supports for the child.  Pretty fun stuff!

Lunch was rather fabulous:

Open-faced sandwich on whole wheat grain bread with pumpkin-kumara hummus, salad greens, green bell pepper slices, and falafel balls.  YUM!

I spent the rest of my afternoon planning stuff for my internship, with lovely breaks to skype with Nini!

Although my bffl Dominique is having some struggles with running, she is eating really well, especially with her sugar intake!  She says she hasn’t had very much junky desserts at all since coming home for the summer, and I really wanted to know her strategies.  As someone who has been enjoying a little too much of this:

Cadbury Milk Chocolate Buttons

and this:

Magnum Chocolate Ice Cream Bar

and this:

Ginger Crunch

lately, I think I need some tips!  I haven’t been going out of control, but I have definitely been eating more sweets than I feel good about.  Since my exercise is less intense than what is normal for me, I need to focus more on eating healthy to be feeling my best.  I’ve been feeling more sluggish lately, which I think I can partially attribute to a too-much-for-me sugar intake.

Here was her advice:

Focus on what you are eating rather than what you aren’t eating.  I always get a craving for something sweet after each meal, and I end up daydreaming about what I wish I could have.  I often can’t get it out of my head until I have a little something to curb my craving!  But to feel satisfied, I think I will try to just reflect on what a good, wholesome meal I just enjoyed, instead of wishing I could have something sweet, too!

When she enjoys sweets, she really only enjoys the first bite of them.  I usually don’t even pay attention to my dessert when I have it: I’m usually reading blogs of watching a You Tube video or something.  This results in more mindless cravings.  Instead, I’m going to try taking a moment to “unplug,” sit down, and really enjoy each and every bite of my indulgence.  If I am still hankering for more after a sensible portion, I will try and view that longing as my body still reveling in how delicious it was!

It’s OK to indulge on special occasions, like going out to a restaurant or something.  The problem with studying abroad is that every single night feels like a special occasion!  My life here is so relaxed and I am trying to make each day memorable, so I can easily rationalize any regular night into a special occasion.  So, I will try and ask myself, “is there really a valid reason to have such a treat right now?”

No rules such as “don’t eat that.”  Eat whatever you want, but remember that you will feel better after making healthy choices that nourish your body.  I totally agree with this rule, it prevents you cracking and binging on a whole package of cookies!  But, you see, since I don’t limit myself, I tend to give myself too much slack…hence the twice daily sweets!  So right now, I think I need to only focus on the second part of this tip by asking myself “how will this treat make my body feel?”  I will try and look for a natural, wholesome way to calm my sugar craving while also energizing and nourishing my body.

Which brings me to last night’s dessert!  Hannah concocted a completely health (and even vegan!) dessert with our surplus of apples:

Baked apples!

She filled a baking pan with a few inched of water and preheated the oven to 200*C.  Then, she cored two apples, sprinkled them with cinnamon, and put a surprise slice of mandarin inside!  Into the oven they went for 30 minutes.  It smelled like apple pie – or Autumn in Vermont!

Mega-sweet.  Mega-comforting. Mega-healthy.

I think this could start a new habit with me!

Finall, here is Dominique’s #1 tip for eating less sugar:


So simple.  So true.  If they aren’t in my apartment, I won’t eat them!  So as soon as all the ginger crunch is gone (;) I wouldn’t waste!), I will stop buying the crappy stuff.  It will not only save me money, but it will save me some calories, too.

How do you resist sweets?



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5 responses to “Healthy Dessert? How to Resist Sweets

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  2. kath pace

    ok…here goes..sweets are a problem for me too. I agree , the less sweets in your home the less yo will eat. I am finding things to take the place of “crap”. Like hannah baked apples. Try half a grapefruit in baking dish, sprinkle with cinnamon. heat for only about 20 min. It is so good!!! I like fruit and that takes the place too. I feel better running and gym going with less sweets. Since I have noticed that difference I really don’t want to the sweets. Once I start eating them I can not is terrible! I also drink lots of water with lemon, or low cal. drinks. but you need to limit theses since they contain “bad things”. Oh well. When I drink…especially
    wine I tend to crave be careful! good luck.

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