“And now for the Dancing Pants”

Fridays at school are FUN.  It started with one of my 3rd graders singing a Taylor Swift song for the class.  It included a fully catered morning tea, with French-press coffee, pies, and biscuits.  I ended with a passionate examination of running records with my mentor, and a free sack of apples. 

Today I told my class about my experience bungy jumping!  They are doing a unit on bridges, with a focus on the Auckland Harbor(Harbour) Bridge, so they were really excited to hear about my jump!  I told them a summary of how it went and even played the video of my jump.  I admit, I was not prepared for the excitement that would ensue and spark all those arguments over getting a close seat.  It was like The Lord of the Flies!   My teacher was a great model for me, though.  She just got right in there in the middle of things and guided each child into a spot where they could see.  I loved that she didn’t settle until everyone could see, either.   After the video, they asked all sorts of questions about how I was feeling and the logistics of how the jump works.  A lot of them said they want to do it when they grow up!

Then we had to get all educational about it, duh, so we had them write a recount of my jump.  This is basically just story-telling.  I had written notes on the whiteboard as we were chatting, so they could use that to plan their details. They were given five minutes to plan, but I was really disappointed to see that many of them didn’t write anything down.  I think that they don’t see why planning is important, which I should show them as a whole-class lesson or something.  After their planning time was up, they were allowed to actually write the recount.  While circling the room, I noticed a lot of problems with their writing.  Things didn’t make sense, and some kids barely wrote anything!  I am going to have a closer look at them this weekend.  Looks like I’ll be planning a writing lesson in my near future!

We did do a bit of maths, too, but my memory is fuzzy.  I definitely checked some math problems (example: 395 = 300 + 90 + 5) but I honestly don’t think they get it.  Need to present it in many different modes, especially visually!  I’m thinking place-value charts, unifix cubes, vertical addition, honestly I’m thinking lots of things.

I almost forgot to mention that we have two new students!   My goal for the day was not to scare them, show them I love them, assure that I will help them, and explain who the heck I am.  They both sparkle, despite the fact that they were sometimes confused.  Most of all, though, I loved seeing how kids were so helpful and welcoming to them  ❤

We  spent most of the day preparing for the assembly, which my class was hosting.  The students were in charge of the transitions and handing out awards, so they had to rehearse their “lines” and duties several times.  It was a good thing because they did they did a beautiful job!  The only thing I think we should have rehearsed more was appropriate behavior.  Some of them were chatting or moving around, when they were supposed to sit on the stage as a good example for the rest of the school.  It’s hard since they are so young and assembly is so exciting!

As for me, I was in charge of the powerpoint!  I helped my teacher make last-minute changes to the slides and it was my job was to know when to click to the next slide!  I think I did a pretty good job, though I did mistype the name of the cross-country coach, whoeps.  I had to follow along with a Maori song and know when to click for the second half of the lyrics.  Oh the challenges of student teaching!

I seriously regret forgetting my camera for assembly.  Their special performance was a recitation of  “Dancing Pants” by Shel Silverstein, in front of the whole school!  I was so proud they wanted to share the poem that I had taught them.  I sort of “conducted” them by sitting in front, mouthing the words, and smiling my face off.  I tried to channel my years of performing into some advice to them during rehearsals.  I basically told them that if they just smile and look at me, then they couldn’t screw it up.  When I taught them the poem, I used call-and-response, which resulted in them learning the song with a bit of an American accent.  Whoops!  My teacher tried to correct them, but it’s just part of the schtick, I guess!

One very nervous child was asked to read her story about their time studying dance.  The first thing she told me was that her dad was coming to watch – so it was a really big deal for her.  Though I rehearsed it with her dozens of times this morning, when she first stood up she choked!   But she is lucky to have such a supportive teacher who quickly whispered the lines to her.  She was shaking like a leaf, but she read it very slowly and clearly.  I was so proud of her, and I think that she was proud of herself too!

What a day.  I can’t believe I only have four more sessions with those buggers.


I bet you are dying to know what I’ve been eating lately!

For lunch on Thursday, I tossed together the final scraps of our kitchen to make a salad.  I “steamed” broccoli and carrots in the microwave and added it to the leftover lentils and quinoa.  Then I doused it all in lime juice and S&P.  Warmed up, it was a pretty good!

My snacks were really the last scraps on the shelf: two mandarin oranges, and the rest of the bread (the end pieces) toasted with spreads.  Sweet potato and kumara hummus on one, Italian herb paste on the other!

After a long day of teaching and a longer evening of grocery shopping, 😉 I was too wiped to do dinner for real, so I made some really eggy and cinnamon-y French toast.  Smothered in PB&J!!!  So comforting.

This morning, I had coffee with a side of sunrise ❤

Then some oatmeal, of course.  I ADORE THESE OATS!  Got a fresh kilo yesterday.  I hope it lasts me my final six weeks!  This bowl of oats had a whole banana, cinnamon, and a hidden peanut butter treasure.  Easy, delicious, and filling, I tell ya!

This is what I packed for lunch, though I didn’t even touch the salad (same as yesterday, only with greens and sesame seeds, too)!  I forgot that Fridays are fully catered morning tea, so I enjoyed two free mini (savory) pies!  And chocolate-coated biscuits 😉  (I did enjoy the hummus toast, mandarin, and almond snackies, though!)

Don’t you go thinking that salad went to waste!  Hannah and I cooked some breakfast sausages and added it to the salad for dinner.

Yes, our kitchen is as dark and scary as it appears.  Some day, I will have lamps!

As for exercise, I did the same dorm-room strength training routine as Wednesday and took Thursday off, as usual.

I love you all!




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2 responses to ““And now for the Dancing Pants”

  1. Wow!! what a full and exciting day. The salad with sausage looks pretty darn good.

    I just got off my mat – its been nearly 2 weeks since I last set foot, so I only did the 10 sun salutations….oh man, coming back is a bear.
    Tomorrow I’ll do the full standing series. I need to break it into small, manageable chunks. After 2 weeks off it would be pretty tough to just do a FULL PRIMARY…I’m working up to it!!

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