Vampire Toast! (and Yogic Chanting)

Last night, around bedtime, I noticed two strange things:

  1. I was starting to get a REALLY bad headache
  2. I had not eaten any chocolate ALL DAY!

Related or unrelated, I decided to eat some chocolate:

I got three of these packages of Cadbury milk chocolate buttons for nz$1 each at the supermarket.  All I need to do is pop 2 or 3 of these in my pie-hole, and my chocolate craving is conquered!  Not as good as chocolate pie would be, but it does the job 😉

Despite the chocolate (which usually cures everything) my headache still pounded on.  Sometimes I get hunger headaches, and though I didn’t feel hungry, I had a piece of toast in the dark while watching my nightly Shaytards (an adorable family’s daily vlog).

Vampire toast!  aka wholemeal-multigrain toast with strawberry-jam-that-looks-like-blood-with-the-flash-blaring-on-it!

Turns out all I needed to do was sleep because I konked out at 10pm and woke up happily at 5:45am (still dark out of course, lol!  can you tell by the breakfast pic?)

I reminisced about my trip and had my staple breakfast while on the road: a microwaved egg on toast.  Plus some vampire toast since it was such a hit last night!

Breakfast was not filling enough, so I snacked on some almonds and a mandarin orange during class.  I also treated myself to a cappuccino during our break!  My justification was that I would probably have bought one for my mom if I had seen her on Mother’s Day!  It even had a little dusting of cocoa powder on top.  😀  Thanks, Mom!

Mondays are a pretty awesome food day because falafel pita wraps are the special at Pita Pit, a healthy deli right around the corner from our apartment.

They are HUGE!  Today I ate them in stages.

Stage 1:  I ate the first half on top of some salad while skyping with the fam.

Stage 2:  I pretended I was saving the second half for lunch tomorrow, but approximately 90 minutes later, I warmed up the second half and devoured it.

Inside the wholemeal pita: Falafel grilled with mushrooms, green bell peppers, and red onions.  Avocado spread, hot sauce, and S&P.  And shredded carrot, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, sprouts, pickles, jalapenos, and black olives.  All for nz$8.

A little before yoga, I had a snack because I am a yoga rule-breaker and I was hungry.

I had three large crackers with this new hummus we got!  It was on sale!

That means pumpkin and sweet potato.  Perfect for winter!  I really liked it because it was nice and thick, not watery like the crap I usually buy other stuff I’ve bought.  Plus, the flavors were very subtle so it was still a garbanzo-ey hummus but with a hint of those warm harvest fruits/veges.

For snack-dessert, I had a large cracker with p’nut butt-

And a teensy ginger slice–guilty!

And 3 more chocolate buttons–guiltysquared!  But really, I’m not guilty.  It was quite enjoyable.

Mondays are also awesome food days because it’s my night for Ashtanga yoga and karma-free meal at the Loft Yoga Lounge!  Tonight, I did what I did last week and packed up the main course to bring home for lunch tomorrow: I just ate the soup, salad, and dessert after class.  The soup was spicy with lentils, the salad had OLIVES, and dessert was a delicious berry custard.

When I got home, I ranted to poor Hannah for a solid 20 minutes about how different yoga is here in New Zealand than it is is America.  It’s definitely a good experience to learn different interpretations of the ancient practice, but you can guess which style I’m partial to 😉  One big difference is the chanting.  As in, I haven’t heard any chanting other than an occasional “om” and and rare “shanti.”  They barely even say “namaste”!  And I miss it.  A lot.

I would like to share with you one of my favorite chants, the Ashtanga Closing Chant, which I often whisper to myself if I can’t fall asleep at night, or sing to myself if I am in a particularly jolly mood.  Here is the English translation:

May all be well with mankind

May the leaders of the earth protect in every way

by keeping to the right path

May there be goodness for those who know the earth to be sacred

May all the worlds be happy.

May the rain come

May the crops be bountiful

May the people be full of nutrition and happiness

May the rulers rule with the people in mind

May all of this occur in an atmosphere of celebration.

And here is a recording of my wonderful yoga instructor and friend Adena doing the chant.  Also look at how beautiful she is on Yoga Vermont’s homepage!  Though I have learned most of what I know about yoga from Kathy, the owner of Yoga Vermont, it was Adena who first started to teach me about the practice that has changed my life.  She was the one who encouraged my to go to my first Ashtanga class.  She was the one who practiced this chant with me over and over until I could sing it along with her, too ❤ Yoga is a very personal practice, but it can also connect you with other people in a way that is totally unique.

I love chanting because it really helps me focus and get serious about my practice, connecting me to the spiritual side of yoga.  It also fosters self-love because even though I may not chant it the same way or as perfectly as someone else, it always sounds and makes me feel beautiful, which is how we should feel about our practice.

How do you feel about chanting?



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12 responses to “Vampire Toast! (and Yogic Chanting)

  1. czechvegan

    Pumpkin and sweet potato hummus? It must be awesome, it is combining all of my favorite ingredients:)) And vampire toast sounds so funny:)

  2. wow, some amazing eats, i just had lunch but you’re making me hungry!! glad your headache went away with some sleep, sometimes it’s all we need 🙂

  3. ahh chanting- such a polarizing part of yoga! Honestly, when I started ashtanga i thought the chanting was a little woo woo. But I drank the koolaid. There is nothing more beautiful than a class full of people before dawn singing those words….

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