Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms of the world!  It would be a terrifying place without them.

But you know what would be the most terrifying?  My world without my mom!

My mom, Caroline, is the best mom in the world, and I am so lucky that she is MINE!  (Well, I have to share her with my brother David, my sister Sam, my dog Ghia, and even my best friend Dominique.)

Here’s a little bit about her.

  • She is a hot wife! She has been married to my equally awesome Dad for 25+ years.
  • She graduated with an Accounting degree from Syracuse University
  • She’s a responsible daughter! She is the daughter of my crazy Italian Grandma, Loretta (who lives with us)
  • She is a caring sister!  She is the loyal sister of my Aunt Paula, the most special person I’ll ever  meet (who also lives with us)
  • She’s a working woman!  She is a bookkeeper for a library, but she also run her own freelance accounting business.
  • She is one of the smartest people I know.  She’ll kick your ass at Scrabble AND math
  • She is also a housekeeper!  She cooks (AMAZING Italian food and baked goods), cleans, and looks after all 7 of us!
  • She’s a book worm!  Math fanatic that she is, she’s always reading.  I get the best recommendations from her.
  • She is also very active!  She walks, plays tennis, skis, and does yoga (I went to my first-ever class with her back in the day!)
  • She is a coffee person (I miss our Starbucks dates!)
  • She is a great bargain shopper (more recently for vintage Pyrex)
  • She’s also got great taste in music, movies, board games, and TV shows.
  • She’s awesome, in general.

But definitely her greatest passion, commitment, and love in life is being a mom.

Me and Sam with my mom in NYC, her favorite city

I couldn’t have asked for a better role model in my life.  She is incredibly strong.  She has gracefully, fearlessly, and composedly dealt with so many hardships in her life.  Losing her father in college, and nursing her little girl (Sam) through chemo therapy–I admire her strength through it all.  She is a rock.  One tough cookie.

Did I mention that my mom's pretty badass?

She is beautiful and I feel so lucky to have inherited her gorgeous looks (I got my skin from my dad ;)).  She’s just one classy, stylish broad.

Bushy Hermione hair runs in the fam

She also has such a great sense of humor!  I love her laugh ❤   She’s a silly goose and she’s just fun to have around. 🙂

Hotties! My mom & dad getting serious about Catch Phrase

My mom has given me the world.  First, she let me follow my dream and move far from home to attend the University of Vermont.  Then this past year, she let me follow yet another dream and move across the world to New Zealand for five months!  Only someone who loves you so much will let you go so far for your dreams.

Out to dinner before I left for NZ

Most importantly, though, she is a good friend to me.  As I grow up and realize how similar we really are, I can always look to her for advice, understanding, or just a long chat about nothing.  Especially on Sundays 😉

Lookin' tough with my brother, David

As I mentioned above, she is not only a great mother to her own three kids, but she also a great second mother to my best friend, Dominique!  They even hang out when I’m not home!  lol I love the fact that she cares for and loves my bffl almost as much as I do.

My parents and Dominique

Speaking of second mothers, I am so lucky to have a motherly figure in so many other women I love.

My Aunt Paula is my Godmother, and the most special one at that.  She is bursting at the seams with love, and is always there for a hug, kiss, and a smile.  Hi, Paula!

Aunt Paula, happy as can be!

I also have the pleasure of having two wonderful grandmothers who shower me with love!  Gram L even lives with us!  Not only has she taken good care of me when I’m sick, but I have learned so much from her enthusiasm, liveliness, and zest for life.  I hope to be just as awesome as her at age 85!

Don't be sad, Paula, you'll get one, too!

Some of my friends’ mothers are also mothers to me, too!  Like Mrs. Pace, who has spoiled me during Parents’ Weekend, sent me heartfelt messages that mean so much to me, and even sent me packages at school!  She is so thoughtful, and I am lucky to be one of the people in her thoughts ❤

Apple-picking with Mrs. Pace

Mrs. Benzio, Dominique’s mom, will always be there for me as she has been over the years.  I can always look to her for a prayer, a hug, or a really good scone 😉  She truly is my spiritual role model, and she cares for me like one of her own.  We’ve danced together on New Year’s Eve, attended Dominique’s concerts and plays, relaxed at the beach, shopped, and eaten many many many many dinners together.

Mother-Daughter tea party at the Benzio's before I left (minus Sam & Dominique!)

I miss my Mom so much (well, all of my moms!)  I really wish we could be together today so I could show her just how much I love and appreciate her.  But I’ll look on the bright side of things: she and the rest of my family will be visiting me in 39 days!  I cannot wait!  If you are lucky enough to be with your mom (or any of your moms!) today, then spoil her.  Because if she’s anything like any of my mothers, then she deserves it, a million times over!


What makes your mom special?




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10 responses to “I LOVE MY MOMMY!

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  2. Martine

    Dear Emma, What a wonderful tribute to your mother and all the special mother figures in your life! Thanks for what you said about me, this just encourages me to do more for you and the young people in my life! You are right, you have a wonderful mother and grandmother and best friend and all the wonderful people in your life! You are one blessed girl! Whenever you feel down or lonely, you remember all the wonderful role models you have in your life and especially that God loves you the most of all! He made you special and we are so thankful to God we moved here so you could be in our life!!!! Love, Mrs.Benzio aka “church lady” xxxx

  3. Mim

    Oh Emma, thank you for that! Will you believe it’s the 1st thing I read when I woke up on this Mother’s Day (iPad fantasticalness )? I love being your mom & can’t wait for our NZ adventure!!! Now I have to go find some tissues …

  4. gram l

    With tears in my eyes, I have your mom typing this. It’s beautiful and I can’t (because I don’t want to!) delete it!

    Love you,

    Gram L

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