Hungry Hungry Yogi

Again, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all the mothers of the world!  As a teacher and a daughter, I think I know better than anyone how wonderful you all are.  Read about my mommy here!

After a classic bowl of oatmeal (coconut-almond-cinnamon-p’nut butt’) I went to a 90 minute long beginner’s Ashtanga class at Auckland Yoga Academy.  I was really looking forward to a good stretch because of the knee pain I was dealing with yesterday.

It was a really wonderful class that got my heart pumping and my sweat flowing.  Since it’s a longer class, I had to pay 2 freaking extra dollars! we did 5 full sets of Sun Salutation/Suryanamaskara A & B (we usually do 5 of A then 3 or 4 of B) and I was happy to be feeling the burn, baby!

I was sort of expecting to be really stiff or creaky in my knees, but it was actually the opposite!  In fact, for the first time EVER I felt like I was actually doing Marichyasana B

source (that’s not me)

and D!

source (that’s not me, either)

WTF, knees?  I thought you were upset about something?  Admittedly, I could not do it as perfectly as these women, but for the first time, I could actually get into the posture and it didn’t feel like I was faking it!  Marichyasana D is supposed to be “the most challenging posture” in all of Ashtanga (the response in my head to that is usually, according to who?) but either way, it is certainly one of the most challenging ones for me, especially on my knees, ankles, and hips.

I can only take that as a message that yoga is the best thing for my body. It’s just what my body loves most.  Period.

When I got home, I was starving after working so hard for 90 minutes, so I put together a robust sandwich for myself.

On two quite toasty slices of Wholemeal Multigrain bread, I put three warm falafel balls, a hardboiled egg, and a handful of salad greens.  It was a bit dry (it would have been good with pasta sauce or tzatziki!) but it was still soooooo satisfying!

Though, surprisingly, my tummy was grumbling a short while later!  Probs because I hit the mat so hard today 😉

So I reheated 1/8th of the leftover pizza and also ate two mandarin oranges from the farmer’s market.  They are so sour!  And many of them in the bag are mushy?  Not pleased.  Must chat with fruit farmer next week.

I spent the afternoon lesson planning.  I’m pretty excited for my maths measurement lesson this week!

For dinner: Curry Shrimp with Broccoli and Lentils  While boiling some brown rice, microwave chopped broccoli for 2 minutes (this “steams” them), then saute said broccoli with shrimp, pre-cooked lentils, 2 tsps curry powder, and some soy sauce!

yumyumyumyumyum  If you don’t microwave the broccoli, it won’t soften very easily while sauteing them; mine usually browns without getting soft at all.  Not what we’re going for!  But this, on the other hand, was perfect 🙂

For dessert:

2 small slices of ginger crunch.  Perfect way to end the night 🙂

What type of exercise is your body’s favorite?




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2 responses to “Hungry Hungry Yogi

  1. Great post as usual. I love yoga. I love the challenge, the strange balancing, the not believing I can do it, and the actual doing it and amazing myself. The yoga combinations of stretching, lifting, balancing and pushing your body up are mind-boggling. I love heavy weightlifting too. I know exactly who I am when my face is directly under the bar and it is up to me to make great things happen! I love to be a “girl monster” at the gym.

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