Knee Pain + Slices of Heaven

I basically jumped out of bed, into my running gear and hit the side walk after quickly chomping down a piece of PB&J toast.  I was planning on running for about 45 minutes, but something stopped me in my tracks:

Knee pain.

Oh dear.

Not OK.

Though I really love running, I am terrified of getting a running-related injury.  I read tons of runners’ blogs and hear about painful, debilitating, lingering running-induced injuries.  And duh, I do not want one.  Ever.  If I must suffer an injury, let it be an accident, not something I do to myself habitually day after day!  Usually, when I am doing Ashtanga every day, all the knee and leg stretching/strengthening makes me so limber and strong that injuries almost impossible, but now that I’m down to only truly, formally practicing once a week, apparently I’m become vulnerable.  NOOOOOO!!!!

I shorted my run to just 30 minutes and took sporadic walking and stretching breaks (good thing there are lots of stoplights on K’Road!), but it looks like I am going to have to get more serious about my yoga and stretching.  Remember my yoga routine to honor your knees?  I need to be kissing my knees a lot more lately!  I should also probably be doing more squats.  I’ll develop a plan and get back to you.

When I got home, I quickly stretched and got ready to hit up the Auckland Farmer’s Market!  I’ve skipped the past three Saturdays because of my trip, and I’ve missed the atmosphere, fresh produce, and cheap prices.

Since I’d missed it the market novelty so much, I got myself a chocolate croissant.  The cutest girl sells it at a booth with Philippe’s Chocolate & French Pastries and I can never resists a treat.  They are just so beautiful, handcrafted, fresh, and AMAZINGLY delish. Later in the morning, I was feeling a bit hungry still, so I got a “Detox” juice with freshly juiced (right before my eyes!) carrots, apples, beets, and ginger.  It was bright pink with a great gingery zing, and I was pretty proud of myself because I am usually a beet hater.

For groceries we ended up getting salad greens, broccoli, falafel, mandarins, and a special dessert for the week (see below!) all totaling nz$11 each.  Check out this lil cutie hanging out by the celery:

Hi Mr. Snail!

We needed a few more things (jam, bread, soap, and crackers, namely) so we went to the supermarket.  We also got two frozen pizzas (see below ;)) to have on hand (only nz$5.49 each!)  Our supermarket haul also ended up being about $11 each.  Funny!

For lunch I had leftover Spicy Lentil Bean Frittata from last night:

I put the rest of the salad green on the plate before popping it in the microwave to “steam” them.  With some salt and pepper action, it was a divine luncheon.

Snack time!  Never lets me down:

I worked for most of the afternoon on a Math paper.  We were given a sample class with math assessment scores, which we had to organize into ability groups we would hypothetically use to teach the class.  Then, we had to write a paper explaining why we created the groups the way we did.  I originally thought it was a lame assignment, because at first I didn’t think grouping by ability was a good idea or valid enough to write a whole essay on.  But now that I have researched it, given it a good hard think, and written it, I can see why it’s a good method.  And the paper’s not bad, either.  See, learning is fun!

For dinner, we ended up heating up one of those Mommas Spicy Vegetarian frozen pizzas.  We’ve gotten one before and loved it, so we were happy to see them on sale again!

It’s really soooo tasty!  I ate about precisely 3/8ths of it with a side of salad greens.

For dessert, we enjoyed our special treat!  A slice of ginger crunch:

There is a woman who sells some beautiful cupcakes (a rarity in New Zealand!) we always oggle, but today we noticed this on her table, too!  It reminded us of the ginger slice we had in Picton, and it is pretty big for only $6.  But we needed no convincing, it looked/sounded amazing!  The woman joked that she was disappointed–she thought it would be coming home with her!  lol

It should be called: Ginger Crunch Slice of Heaven

A creamy, thick, gingery-sweet icing on top of a mild, crunchy cookie. Thank God we have 10 more pieces!  You’ll be seeing more of this baby.

Any advice for preventing knee pain? 




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15 responses to “Knee Pain + Slices of Heaven

  1. Hi Emma
    When I did my yoga training Beryl said that a lot of knee pain is actually due to tight hips. In addition to some routines honoring your knees, you might sprinkle in some serious hip openers – pigeon for example helps to loosen the hips.

    that ginger crunch looks divine!!!!!

  2. good luck with your knee! i have had 2 surgeries and feel you…ugh. pain sucks…ice, heat, arnica, rest, meditation, whatever works, do it 🙂

  3. We ability group for math by pretesting before each of our 12 units. I LOVE it!! The high ones are challenged, and the lower ones get a smaller class with more teachers in it.

  4. Is it your IT band? I’ve had that and it totally sucks.

  5. I have MANY gym friends in their early 50’s who have wrecked knees from running. You are very wise for your years to be concerned about this. How important is running to you? Can you enjoy a few miles a week, but do yoga and other types of exercise on other days? That seems to be what most of my hobble-y friends wish they had done, in retrospect. 🙂

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  7. Oh my goodness how can I get some of that ginger crunch in my life?!

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