Cinco de Mayo + Sick Day

We weren’t originally planning on it, but after teaching today, Hannah and I both decided that we were in the mood to go out and celebrate Cinco de Mayo!  We made reservations at Besos Latinos, the Latin American restaurant in Elliot Stables where we had dessert a few weeks ago!

I love the atmosphere of Mexican restaurants!  It makes me want to decorate my house in the warm, bright colors and rustic furniture.  We had the best seat in the house…right next to the fountain!

After looking at the menu, we decided to split the Mexican Platter.

It wasn’t as big as we’d hoped for a whopping nz$19.00 per person, but it was delicious, festive, and fun to eat!

It included cheese quesadillas with spicy salsa, beef tacos with guacamole, and tortilla chips in a white bean dip.  Delicioso!


Of course we also had to get a Classic Mexican Margarita, since it’s Cinco de Mayo!

To make things even more divertido, Thursday nights are Tango nights at Besos Latinos!

We were entertained by some excellent tango dancer throughout our meal.  I don’t know much about the tango, but I felt like they were outstanding dancers!  So energized, sultry, and precise.

When we got home, we decided our dinner wasn’t quite filling enough, so we hit up the convenient store across the street for some cheap-o Mexican snack:

Corn chips (nz$4) and salsa (nz$3).

Later, we were in the mood for dancing, so we hit up Margarita’s.

Can you tell we had the place to ourselves?  Safe to say that it was our kind of night!  We danced for a bit to some house music with occasional pop songs, then stopped by Father Ted’s on the way home, because we have a hard time staying outside if we are walking by.  We were pleased to see our trivia dude playing music!  (Here’s his band, he’s the lead singer :)) He performed a great rendition of Mumford & Sons’s “Little Lion Man” and came by to say hello before he left.  We went home and got to bed shortly after.

I did not sleep well at all, up most of the night with stomach cramps.  The one other time I’ve had tequilla (in a margarita at the beach with my family) the same thing happened.  I guess it’s just not for me!  I vow to stick to wine and beer 🙂

I tore myself out of bed around 9am to take a shower, which my Gram L. always swears makes you feel better.  She is right, so it helped, and my stomach cramps were gone but of course not back to its normal fabulousness.  I decided eating something neutral would help and I had one thing on my mind: French Toast.

I walked into my kitchen to see this:

I was not a happy camper.

I do not understand why my roommate thinks it’s ok to leave his dinner leftovers in our only frying pan overnight on the counter to go rancid.  After seriously debating chucking the leftovers in the garbage and cleaning the pan myself…I decided that I couldn’t survive much longer without coffee.  Of course, I was out of oat milk, and stomaching black coffee this morning was not an option.  I didn’t want to go to Starbucks to waste my precious gift card Mrs. P sent me on a crappy morning, so I figured I’d just buy cow’s milk.  But then, the vegan gods smiled down on me as I spotted soymilk in the wee convenient store across the street.


Though paranormal happenings were occuring on this strange morning, and the soymilk wouldn’t mix with my instant coffee.  ????   Perhaps it curdled?  Does this happen with soy milk?  You know I drank it anyway.  (My inevitable second cup was normal, btw)  I also took joy in the fact that I horded the big mug in my room last night!  Take THAT!  mwahahahah!

My tummy demanded nosh so I whipped up a mini bowl of oatmeal (1/4 cup oats with 1/2 cup soymilk, + a small spoon of p’nut butt-)

After an awkward confrontation and moral support from Hannah when he rolled out of his room, the pan got clean and I could finally have my French Toast!!!!

I just whisked an egg with a splash of soymilk and some cinnamon while I put a piece of bread in the toaster to stale-ify it.  Then dipped it in the eggysauce and grilled it to slightly burnt perfection.  More p’nut butt- and some jelly were schmeared on top.  It was just what my belly wanted!

Since I’ve rendered myself useless today, I’ve declared it a sick day.  I’m laying low.  Let’s see if I can do it 😉

Do you like margaritas?



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5 responses to “Cinco de Mayo + Sick Day

  1. Mim

    Rancid – tee hee

    Had a margarita at dad’s cinqo de mayo party tonight!

    Feel better soon!

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  3. I do like margaritas, but I can only have them once in a blue moon – all the sugar in the sour mix gives me a tummy ache. Looks like a fun cinco though!! I didn’t even get a takeout burrito. I ate leftovers from earlier in the week!

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