Back on Track

Remember my plan to stay as healthy as possible during my two weeks of traveling? Let’s reflect…


It was a busy two weeks full of very active activities (lolz)!  I sure did a lot of walking

Silly-walking on the Penninsula Walkway in Kaikora to see the seal colonies!


Tramping up a crevasse on Fox Glacier

…and biking

Biking-touring around the Marlborough Wine Region

…but no yoga (neither tourism nor personal practice) was done.  And I was in Nelson, apparently the Yoga Capital of New Zealand!  I can blame this on our jam-packed itinerary of sightseeing.  I honestly couldn’t fit in a class!  Of course, I could have done my personal practice in the morning/before bed, but there weren’t a private spot in our hostels (I’m still a little bashful to be seen by passers-by :)), and it was too cold to do it outside!

Also, no running was done.  (Again, no time.)  Yes, I could have done it in the morning, but instead I chose sleep.  Our jam-packed days, erratic sleep schedule, and bunking with up to four other girls meant each minute of sleep was precious–and hard to come by!


Self-catering in crowded (and sometimes sketchy) kitchens on an itsy-bitsy budget made wholesome eating quite…unattainable.

Lots of…

Gross frozen Hawaiian pizza

PB&J = sweet enough to be dessert

Soup-in-a-pouch with "rehydrated" veggies(?)

Cheap-as pasta with tomato sauce

Eating out provided (a few) opportunities to get some wholesome nutrients…

Cous cous salad with chickpeas and other veggies

Veggie Delight on whole wheat from Subway

Veggie-loaded pizza

Tofu roll

…but MORE opportunties…

Hot chocolate

Carrot cake


Ice cream


(and a few un-photographed plates of fish ‘n’ chips :/)

…to be indulgent!


My water bottle certainly helped me to stay hydrated!

Drinking the purest water - right off a glacier

and I did stick to my one-drink-per-bar rule!

the "Fair Lady" at Founder's Organic Brewery

But, then again, there were NUMEROUS bars (and wineries!)

My favorite bar, the Free House

Tasting at Seresin, an organic vineyard

In conclusion, I would say that I stuck to my plan relatively well, with a focus on the final clause:

At the end of the day, this is vacation, a once-in-a-lifetime one at that, so I will allow myself to relax and indulge as I feel necessary.

But vacation is over, people!  And it’s time to get back on track!

  • I started by day with a 40 minute walk/run, but I wasn’t feeling very strong 😦  I think my body is just a bit fatigued from the trip, and it needs to switch from tramping-mode to running-mode.  I definitely use my muscles in different ways for running or walking, plus they necessitate different types of endurance.  Let’s hope my next run goes better.  As for yoga, I’ve got full Ashtanga Primary Series tomorrow, and I’m a bit nervous!  I hope I can get muster enough energy.  But really, I can’t wait.  I feel pretty tight from just two weeks off, I’m totally kicking myself for not keeping up with it even a little.
  • Also today, Hannah and I went to the grocery store and bought as much veggies as we could carry! (seriosuly, though)  I was so happy to have a real bowl of oatmeal this morning (with berries and coconut and almonds–oh my!) and a huge salad for lunch (spinach, green bell pepper, carrots, hummus, and an egg).  Dinner shall be a veg-tastic event, as well!

I’m honestly so glad to be back to my health and fitness routine 🙂

BUT, being back from vacation means getting back to work, too.

There are still two full months of the semester left!

How do you adjust back to normal life after a fabulous vacay?




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7 responses to “Back on Track

  1. You totally have the right attitude! You were on a once-in-a-lifetime trip!! Give yourself permission to live it up.

    It’s hard coming back after a vacation, but if you get right back into your routine, and let yourself be OK with building back your strength after some time off, you’ll be back where you left off in a week or two!

    Loving all your pictures!

  2. Wow-what a trip you had!! Looks awesome.

    After I get back, I just go back into routine–all is well again. Have fun on vacay, stick to routine at home=it works!

  3. Oh the photos are awesome!

    Glad you had such a nice holiday..and yes, time to get back to reality and real life…even tho it’s hard after a trip! i know!

  4. oh my gosh, what gorgeous pictures!! get some rest, surround yourself with good people, and you’ll be out of your slump in no time 😉

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