Picton, Home of the 9th Oldest Ship

When we arrived in Picton, we made our way to our hostel, though the office was closed for lunch.

Luckily, the eatery we’d scoped out in the Lonely Planet is located right across the street!

It is a dutch bakery with freshly-baked pies and award-winning pastries.

I see lots of Kiwis eating pies for lunch, so I chose the first vegetarian one I have yet to see!

For nz$4.50, I chose the roast veggie and cheese pies. They weren’t ready yet, but I didn’t mind because that meant mine was freshly baked! It was soooo delicious, the seeds on top were like the icing on the cake!

Did you know that you are supposed to eat personal pies like a hot pocket (with your hands, bite after bite?) Hannah and I split some small desserts for nz$2.50 each. Hannah picked a ginger slice, which was so sugary but spicy, too!

AKA delicious-ness! Apparently it’s a typical Kiwi dessert. Unfortunately, their award-winning tart had cherries (I’m allergic!) but we were more than satisfied with what we got: a heavenly almond blueberry tartlet.

We checked into our quaint hostel, then headed over to check out the 9th oldest ship in the world – the Edwin Fox.

Built in 1853 and still standing, she has had a really fascinating life!

She transported a plethora of goods such as liquor (she was nicknamed the Booze Barge!), tea (Lipton), spices (she was built in India), and goat skin (ewww).

She also transported soldiers at one time, with cannons built in her sides!

When England was banishing their convicts to Australia, guess who brought them over? Then when normal civilians began to emigrate, they survived the 116+ day journey in her cabins. One passenger said that with the creaking of the ship, the waves crashing against the walls, and the crew hollering all night long, sleep was nearly impossible.

They were true survivors, it must have been miserable. In her older years, she served as a lamb freezer when the industry started to boom–no kidding!

But now, she just exists for the point of it. It’s pretty awesome that you can explore inside!

My imagination was running wild in there.

After the museum, we ventured our first South Island tramp!

At the top of a very steep trail (the woman coming the other way told us, “good work!”)

there was a breath-taking lookout.

The incline made us pant, but the view was pretty striking, too 😉

The path led us back downhill along the cliffs. Comments like this were aplenty: I could get used to this.

Let’s do this every day. I wish I could bottle up this fresh air.

We are actually here! This is amazing!

The hike ended at the harbor, full of yachts. Always a beautiful sight.

Since it was a Sunday, we ran into some difficulties today while trying to arrange more travel plans (everything was closed). Exasperated, we talked about how they need to get with the program and get their priorities straight. It’s the weekend, isn’t this a tourist town? Come on, we need to get stuff organized! But during our hike, we oggled at all the locals, just spending a typical Sunday afternoon meeting up with friends, walking their dogs on the beach, and reading on the side of a cliff. It’s not them, it’s US who need to get with the program. I am learning that a gorgeous Sunday afternoon should be spent relaxing with those I love and enjoying what life has to offer. THAT is what’s really important.

After a fancy dinner of hardboiled eggs and pasta, we ventured with one thing in mind: ice cream. We stumbled upon this cool-looking cafe that I recalled reading about in TLP!

One note from the live gypsy folk band and one look at the dessert menu convinced us to stay a while.

We ordered a trio of homemade ice cream (chocolate-Bailey’s, Florentine, and Walnut) and enjoyed being decadent while being serenaded by the talented band.

Too bad it was a nice place, or else I would have licked the plate clean 😉

I didn’t want to offend the spirited fiddler or the soulful guitarist.

Then, it was bedtime for us! We had to rest up for our day of visiting wineries


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