Wellington: Sweet as Nightlife

The two hostels we have stayed in, both YHA, have gone above and beyond our expectations.

This one in Wellington happened to be right next to a grocery store!

We grabbed a $7 frozen pizza, cheap multigrain bread, a half-dozen of budget eggs, and a bunch of bananas. The star of dinner was Hawaiian Pizza – very appropriate for our Pasifika locale.

Though the kitchen was HUGE, one of the ovens was broken. The other oven was currently very busy cooking up a lovely dinner for someone. Luckily, she let us use a rack for 15 minutes. Kiwi kindness!

Except the pizza was pretty bad. Bland crust, gross ham, flavorless pineapple. Nothing compared to our stellar frozen pizza last week. At least we only spend $3.50 each on it!

After dinner, we hit up the nightlife, which we heard was really cool in Wellington. They were right! We checked out a few places recommended by our Lonely Planet and the GOOT guide. Hannah and I have a hard time going anywhere but Irish Pubs, apparently.

After a nice time at Molly Malones, where we enjoyed a guitarist playing favorites like Billy Joel, a really friendly bartender, and a fun local crowd, we found an insanely hip bar called “Mighty Mighty”

Cool people all over the place. (Dominique and Andy, it was totally your scene!) There was seriously funky decour and cool house music playing.

Afterwards, we headed to Good Luck bar, a hidden gem.

This basement bar felt just like a basement party at UVM! The only difference was there were no Solo Cups and you had to pay for the drinks.

Oh, and the crowd was a bit more sophisticated. There was a killer, awesome, rocking girls band playing. There was a feminist event going on, how apropos!

We headed back to the hostel and were in bed by 11:30. We wanted to get up early for a fully day of fun in Wellington!

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