Journey to Wellington

(Read about my entire trip around the South Island of New Zealand!)

Waste not! I’ve been working hard the past few days, trying to whittle down our food supply so that we didn’t waste anything over break.

For example, breakfast was an egg over-easy on a toasty pita smeared with hummus.

Perfectly runny!

Also, coffee was enjoyed while last-minute blogging. Never know when I’ll be able to again!

Plus a hard-boiled egg with S&P, cause it’s almost Easter ❤

I threw together a stir-fry with most of the remnants of the fridge.

(Nearly) empty!

Froze what could be kept frozen: oat milk, pasta sauce, hummus, and chocolates!

And said a little prayer for our “pantry” stash.

After some frantic, last-minute packing (Hannah.) we hopped on the Airbus Express for our 2:30pm flight to Wellington! The bus ride took a lot longer than I thought, but since we left early enough, we got to the airport by 12:30. No. Problem. At. All. Check in was as easy as swiping the credit card I used. As in, that was exactly all i had to do! However, we were pissed because BOTH of our suitcases didn’t fit into the “maximum carry-on size” box, so we had to check our bags. This was also easy, but a big pain because 1) the woman at the luggage factory told me it would work as a carry on–that’s why I bought it, and 2) Hannah’s suitcase was so small–hence the stressful packing! But, we were quickly happy again because there was literally NO LINE at security. In fact, I told the security man that it was the easiest security experience of my life, and he joked, “in that case, I’d better look in your bag!” We were at the gate by 12:50pm.

To kill time, we admired the contents of the vending machine, celebrated the water bottle refill station, and gobbled our pre-packed fried rice (with stolen plastic forks–shhh!). Once on the plane, we were offered a complimentary drink and snack! Not bad for an hour flight. I got coffee (french pressed–oh yeah baby)

And given the choice, “biscuit or sweets?” I of course went for the biscuit because I have become the Cookie Monster’s Kiwi cousin, the Biscuit Banshee.

One of the most pleasant flights that I’ve been on! We did end up getting a sweet, anyway 🙂

There was also trivia playing on the TV screens! Which actress played the voice of Charlotte in the recent Charlotte’s Web?

Before we knew it, we were landing in Wellington. It was particularly terrifying exciting because the runway was right off the beach. It looked like we were going to land on the water! We picked up our luggage, then one pleasant bus ride later, we were officially in Wellington!

What’s the best flight you’ve ever been on?




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5 responses to “Journey to Wellington

  1. Mim

    Disney with my kiddos, with 1st time to Italy a close 2nd. Enjoy your adventure! ❤

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