Healthy Travels: Gameplan

The day is finally here! Later today, I am leaving on a jet plane for Wellington, NZ to embarking on my 15-day journey through the South Island. Among other exciting stuff, I will be touring the wine country and hiking glaciers. No big deal. Updates to come!

But two full weeks of travel poses some challenges to my healthy lifestyle. Lack of routine and eating-out will ‘trip’ up my healthy eating and exercise habits, fo sho. But it doesn’t mean I will completely fall off the wagon! There are some easy ways to work in some exercise an obtain some healthy food that will not only keep me on track – they’ll save me a few bucks! Here’s the plan:


  • Hiking – Basically the purpose of our trip. The reason we are going to the South Island is to hike around the amazing landscape, so hopefully we’ll be doing this most days. Plus, unguided hikes are FREE!
  • Walking – Walk everywhere possible. Luckily, we don’t have a car so we will probably have to do this! Also, FREE transport!
  • Biking – Great way to explore the area we’re visiting, especially the wineries
  • Yoga practice – Obviously the best thing I can do for my body, anywhere, any time at all! (yes, that’s the Spongebob Song). I will do a daily set asana of at least suryanamaskara (sun salutation) A and B, plus navasana (boat pose), five time each. This is just like my 20-Minute Kick-Butt yoga routine
  • Yoga Tourism – If it’s easy, it would be fun to visit some yoga studios in the various places that we stay!
  • Running – Early morning runs will help to get acclimated with the area and maybe notice a few places I want to explore later! Plus, it’s a great way to kick-start my metabolism.


Self-catering: The first thing I will do when we get to a new place is to locate a market! Hostels are equipped with kitchens, so we’ll be able to make a lot of food for ourselves, the best way to save money and maximize the nutritional value. Ideas of foodstuffs that are quick, easy, cheap, portable, and (mostly) non-perishable:

snacks for the plane

  • peanut butter
  • bananas
  • apples
  • oranges
  • feijoas
  • bread
  • carrots
  • pasta
  • pasta sauce
  • instant oatmeal
  • cereal
  • canned soup
  • frozen dinners (such as pizza or pasta)
  • eggs
  • snack bars
  • Nuts
  • Dried fruit

I can easily make healthy breakfasts and dinners with this stuff, plus have lots of on-the-go snacks.

Eating out: My plan is to make breakfast and dinner in the hostel as much as possible, while only going out to eat for lunch, which tends to be lighter and cheaper. Our travel guides (the Lonely Plant and GOOT) always have inexpensive, even vegetarian!, suggestions of places to eat. When all else fails, I know that Subway can give me a filling, healthy veggie sub–for really cheap. Also, some Starbucks have healthy-cheap smoothies and wraps.

Drinking: ONLY ONE DRINK per bar! This is safest, cheapest, healthiest way to go. It also helps that we aren’t going on this trip to explore the night life of the South Island, so this won’t be a big problem. I am also bringing my water bottle so I won’t have to buy H20 and I will stay hydrated.

The key to feeling great while traveling (just don’t overload your bladder). The other key to feeling great while traveling….coffee!

I’m bringing my package of the insta-stuff so that all I need to do is locate hot water.

Let’s see how well I stick to the plan. At the end of the day, this is vacation, a once-in-a-lifetime one at that, so I will allow myself to relax and indulge as I feel necessary.

Any healthy travel tips?



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5 responses to “Healthy Travels: Gameplan

  1. Miranda

    How freaking good are fejioas… I fly out of Perth next Thursday night and literally the first thing I am going to when I walk into my house is fall onto the feijoa trees and eat them all. I LOVE them. My dad used to eat the skins 🙂 Feijoa season is crazy time at our house… we fight over who gets to eat them!! Dad used to always make stewed feijoas too.. you should make some! You just scoop em out and boil them up with some water and sugar and eat them on cereal/porridge/with ice-cream/on cake/on their own. Oh god my mouth is literally watering right now. Australia doesn’t do feijoas!! You can get them at some of the really fancy supermarkets but they’re like $2 each (I may or may not have spent $50 on a bag last year…) and not as big as they are at home. Ok calming down now…

    The South Island is stunning. You are going to have the most amazing time!!! Enjoy your trip – also try some cafes in Wellington if you get the chance because Wellington has the best coffee in NZ. They do SUCH a good flat white!!

  2. Cheryl Locker

    Wow! You have really thought things out! Good luck with the plan and have a wonderful time–your trip sounds very exciting!!

  3. I don’t know if you are still in Welly but I found a restaurant called ‘Pranha’ in Newtown that seems right up your alley, foodwise. theRecovery Room does the most awesome coffee though. Send me an email if you come through Christchurch and we can do coffee if you like. Would not blame you for skipping it though. Town isn’t open but the malls and coffee shops are in the burbs. You might need a guide to find them though.

  4. good enough plan… hope you have wonderful and healthy time 🙂

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