Aliens at Morning Meeting

Since I am blessed with a stomach of steel, I was able to get my Leadership assignment done on the bus to and from school today. Woot! I wrote about focusing on important but not urgent things in your life, since they are usually the most meaningful. I also had to write about how I manage my time to do what is most important first (easy-peasy). And guess what, I am done with homework until after break! Time to party!!! jk

Thursday is the best day of the week – I get to go to school!

Today started off with the typical 7 Minute Run. Literally, all the students run around the playground for seven whole minutes before the start of the day in order to 1) wear them out and 2) promote fitness. Great ideas in my book! One girl let me know that she was being teased for running slowly. I just made sure that she knew to ignore mean words and to remember that as long as she is doing her best, then she is a superstar. I was infuriated with the bullies. I still don’t know who they are.

After the 7 minute run, I conducted morning meeting! I started off by quickly explaining what it is exactly and what we would be doing, plus some reminders of good behavior (I was being evaluated on my classroom management skills!)

I read them a few Shel Silverstein poems about fantastical creatures, though I made a planning blunder here – I didn’t choose which three poems I was going to read.

The three I randomly read weren’t that great (not that funny, confusing, advanced vocabulary), but they still enjoyed them since there are really cool pictures and my class is full of angels.

Then, we did an greeting where we went around the circle saying good morning to our neighbors in an alien voice: “Greetings, Miss Jenkins!”

It was really silly, I love their goofy voice and giggles. They only needed a few self-control reminders! After the greeting, I allowed everyone to share one thing that they were excited to do over vacation (two weeks of break are coming up!) Lots of people are traveling around New Zealand or to Australia to visit family. Pretty exciting! Also, lots of people are going to the movies 😉

After Morning Meeting, the class moaned that it was over, but they cheered when I told them it was time for math! Third-graders are the best. I observed some counting with the 100-board: counting by 2s and finding numbers that come so many before or so many after a certain number. They did something REALLY exciting with this using a number fan (a ring of long skinny cards with a digit on the end). They constructed the double-digit number they were searching for. Super cooL! I even got to call out some problems! Make 3 less than 81. (That was a tricky one!) Then, I worked with one student on “bundling” – making bundles of 10 sticks to learn about counting by 10s.

After maths, I gave a student a spelling test. I felt really dumb trying to make up sentences on the fly – we were both chuckling. Then, I did some bitch assistant work for my teacher to help get their portfolios together. Basically, I took photos of each child, then printed them off (along with some pictures from puppy day!) It took most of the afternoon, but the children were just finishing up projects since they only have one more day before Easter break.

Finally, it was time for reading at the end of the day! I had a lot of fun with the accelerated group this week, we read a book about raccoons! They were excited to read about an animal that lives in America. It was also fun to figure out what “nocturnal” (like a Kiwi!) and “bandit” meant. Then, they did a fill-in-the-blank sentence worksheet with some new words that came up in the book. I was really impressed at how easily and independently they completed it. It really showed how well they can infer and predict – very sophisticated reading strategies!

Before the students left, my teacher gave them a treat since it’s almost break.

I was lucky to get a whole handful! Chocolate Frogs from Cadbury. Magic Harry Potter Chocolate! Ah, the perks of student teaching are…endless!

What are you excited to do over your Easter break?


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