Green Food

For lunch today I wanted something green, my favorite food color (it means there are lots of nutrients!) I started by making a Green Curry Rice Salad

I started by sauteing onions and garlic (what else is new? lol) with some curry powder.

Broccoli and shredded zucchini were added for more green power.

Next, I put in about 1/3c green lentils I had cooked up.

Plus I seasoned it with half of a lime. More green!

I added in some cooked brown rice and lunch was served!

It was light and fresh, but also spicy and filling. Perfection!

I whipped up another fun treat with my leftover zucchini: Zuke Chips! I put slices of zucchini on a piece of foil and drizzled them with about 1/8c of herb oil (olive oil mixed with Italian herb paste)

After dusting them with salt and pepper, I baked them in my microwave/oven on 230*C for about 25 minutes, flipping them a couple times.

They came out a bit uneven (I blame this on the “confection” setting of my microwave), but still beautiful if you ask me!

They were super delicious, I might add.

Today was uuber stressful because I wanted to turn in the hard copy of my literacy paper today after class, but the printers on campus were down. Of course the one day I need to print something, the printers are out of order. I ended up paying almost NZ$4 to print it at the public library. AND now tomorrow I have to make the trip all the way to the North Shore campus (a 20 minute bus ride each way) just to drop it into the education mailbox to submit it on time. As if this paper wasn’t giving me enough stress! Trying not to dwell. The end is almost near!

Luckily Math class wasn’t too bad today, we had a guest speaker about the Pasifika (Polynesian) view of mathematics, which generally is very non-specific. For example, they traditionally measure distance in “strides” and quantify things without numbers, just generalizing terms. I learned a fun activity about incorporating Pasifika quilt patterns into symmetry, fractions, …anything maths! Plus we got all of our materials together for an assessment project we have coming up after break. Love ittt.

What’s your favorite food color?




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