Auckland Inner City Dash

This morning, I woke up bright and early at 7am, ready to run!  At the same website where we got information about the Coast to Coast Walk, there is a section about running routes!  I found this great one near my apartment that goes through both Albert Park and the Domain – my fave places to run!

It is 4.5 kilometers long, and says it takes “approximately 30 minutes.”  ummm…with all those hills?  LOL! Maybe, if you are a cheetah!  I figured it might take me 45 minutes, a perfect length for me this morning.  However, once I hit the pavement, I wasn’t feeling very strong 😦 so I just shortened the route (didn’t go over to Myer’s Park) and walked whenever my bod wanted me to.  This resulted in me running up ALL the hills and only walking to catch my breath after each one.  Motivation courtesy of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban audiobook, plus Dev’s “Bass Down Low” for one particularly rough hill.  I made it back to my apartment in 45 minutes, so it ended up being the perfect length!

When I got back home, I enjoyed a lovely cup of instant coffee with a splash of oat milk (the giant mug was clean-SCORE!)

plus a standard bowl of oatmilk oatmeal with coconut, cinnamon, and dried berries.

Just like dinner the other night, this has a hidden treasure underneath it, too!

A glob of crunchy peanut butter!  I love pouring my oatmeal on top of a spoonful of PB because it gets it all melty and it easily mixes in.

What’s your #1 motivational song?


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