Teacher Fuel

Guess what? I got into all of my classes on the first try last night!  It was a bit anticlimactic, but of course I am thrilled to have the schedule of my dreams, without any professor-hankering.  Here’s my schedule:

  • M 12:50-3:50 EDEL 177:  Children’s Literature
  • M 4:05-7:05  HDFS 295:  Leadership Development
  • TR 8:00-12:00  EDEL 155:  Inquiry Practicum
  • TR 1:00-2:15  EDEL 157:  Social Educ and Social Studies
  • TR  2:30-3:45  EDEL 158:  Teaching Science for Meaning
  • TR  4:00-5:15  HDFS 161:  Social Context of Development

That’s right, folks!  Monday mornings, all day Wednesdays, and all day Fridays off of class to substitute and/or do Feel Good work!  I’m actually pretty excited to get back to “real life” in Vermont (some day ;))

Here is my Teacher-Fuel for the day:


Coconut-Almond Overnight Oats warmed up with cinnamon and a few chocolate chips.


Original Nut Bar and an Apple


Spinach salad with green peppers, tomatoes, carrot sticks, and hard-boiled eggs (the foil is a pouch of PB for the apple)

I’m off to school!

What do you do on your “time off”?



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6 responses to “Teacher Fuel

  1. Dani

    haha…what time off?! silly girl ❤
    ps: your food looks NOM/amazing.

  2. jamie keiles

    change your blog name to NOMaste. this looks so tasty

  3. Dominique

    i wish i could arrange my schedule to have free days! i usually try to at least have free evenings, or even better, afternoons. in my free time i usually do homework/get ahead on work, but for fun i like to go to museums or out to eat, or read blogs (like yours!!!!!).

  4. Miranda

    I go to the beach a lot… because in Perth the ocean is usually warm enough to swim from October-May!! And you can’t beat a good book, or going to a rugby or footy game!! You should go watch the Blues play while you are in Auckland sometime 🙂

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