Textbook Fiasco (+ Random Recent Eats)

Bad study-abroad student fail:

While I’m here in New Zealand, I am taking four class: 2 important elementary education classes and 2 Maori classes (culture and leadership).  Obviously, I am taking the education courses seriosuly since they matter to me A LOT, but my plan is to just take the Maori courses for fun.  I’ve been told that they are far from intensive, so there is no need to get stressed out about them: just go to class, turn in your assignments, and you’ll be set.

I am a typical perfectionist, over-achiever, non-procrastinator, too-school-for-cool kind of gal.  Think Hermione Granger: I’m basically her muggle twin right down to the bushy hair and tedious study schedules.  But, I’m in New Zealand now, and this is the only time in my life that I will ever be allowed to “cruise through” a class, so I decided to go for it.   What does that mean for me?  I’ll go to every class, take notes like mad, answer every question, and turn in my work on time…but I won’t buy the textbooks. SHOCKER!

Upon discovered that I needed textbook citations for my first culture paper, I broke down and bought the book.  But I still didn’t get the leadership book.  In fact, I still don’t have the leadership book now…

Wednesday night during Leadership we discussed our next writing assignment (due today), and it became clear to me that I needed the textbook because all you need to do for the paper is write a 500-word response to a prompt in the book. 

Yes, sir, I will get it right away!

By the time we got out of class at 7:15pm, the bookstore was closed. Plus, all Thursday and Friday I was at school and wouldn’t be home before it closed.  Fine, I thought, I’ll just go when the store opens on Saturday morning and get it.

Ha! Wrong! It’s closed on the weekends.  Ok, self, it’s not a big deal, I’ll just be there bright and early on Monday to buy it and write the paper with plenty of time before the due date at midnight.

Wrong again!  I got to the bookstore when it opened at 8am, but they were sold out of the textbook.  I ran home in a sweaty panic, frantically messaging a friend in the class and checking all the libraries and bookstores.  Luckily for me, I have a wonderfully dependable friend Caitlin who promptly messaged me the writing prompts I needed 🙂

I was finished with my paper (about how I can be more proactive in my life) before 10am.  Which left me plenty of time to finish researching for my literacy paper, which isn’t due until April 21st.

There you have it, folks:  5 full pages of research about reading acquisition.  Now all I have to do is write an outline (the plan for the rest of the evening) and write the damn thing (which is what I’ll be doing all day tomorrow).

What did I learn from this textbook fiasco?  That there is a reason why I am always so prepared, responsible, and on top of things: I’m a good student!  And just because I’m livin’ it up here in New Zealand doesn’t mean I should change that.  I’ll only get myself into trouble.  Lucky that I have good friend who helps me out!  (I owe you one, Catilin!)

(I ordered the book online.  It’s in the mail now.)

Two Random Recent Eats I would like to share:

For dinner the other night, Hannah cooked for me a DELICIOUS meal — YAY!! She sauteed some green peppers and onions with sliced sausage.  (Hannah and I love our sausages.) Plus, she cooked up some lentils!! (Yes, there were many Know what I wear as a hat?  A lentil! jokes flying around.)  With globs of salsa, it was muy delicioso!

Before the field trip at school, I had a Raisin Bran Muffin from Starbucks, which is apparently a “new recipe!” though I couldn’t find anything about it online.  They offered to warm it up for me–yes, PLEASE!  More proof that my New Zealand Starbucks is a bit wonky, but they are so darn hospitable! The muffin was a steamy pocket of heaven with carrot-, cinnamon-, raisin-, oat-, and bran-y deliciousness!

What kind of student are you?




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6 responses to “Textbook Fiasco (+ Random Recent Eats)

  1. Just found your blog via Carrots and Cake and this post totally cracked me up! I’m also an American in New Zealand (just moved here in December) and the Starbucks here are hilarious. Though you’re right, the hospitality totally makes up for the weirdness 😉

  2. haha funny story!! i am a perfectionist to the tee–always getting my textbooks and stuff-turning it on time. i’m a nerd 😉

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