The Camera Loves Me!

I am currently starring in two new videos on my youtube channel!

The first video is my Election Video for FeelGood.  I am running for President of UVM FeelGood next year, and since I won’t be in Vermont to run this year, I put a video together explaining why everyone should vote for me.

Hannah and I spent the afternoon filming it (she is a very creative cinematographer and she persevered through the long process!).  It’s sort of silly and you get to see a few different spots in Auckland!  Definitely worth a watch 🙂

The other video is a recording of me and Hannah practicing for Karaoke Next week.

We usually don’t reveal our song selection before the premier, for good luck, but we don’t want all the folks at home to miss out on our talent.  Next week we will be doing TWO songs: “Say My Name” by Destiny’s Child and “Where is the Love” by The Black Eyed Peas.  Basically we are both pretty gangsta.  I’ve got soul and Hannah’s got beat.

In other news, it’s almost been two weeks since I’ve started my clear skin regimen.

To no avail.  After using Tazorac every night and Finacea every day, and slightly modifying my diet, I have seen no improvement on my skin.

Plus, in the past three days, two strangers have brought up my bad skin.   First, a mom chaperoning on the field trip came up to me.  I just thought she was being friendly and introducing herself.  No.  She was telling me that she has a skin product that will clear up my pimples, because they are pretty bad.  She said she’d send a sample in on Thursday with her child (who is not in my class) and if I was excited about the results, I could buy more.  I just stood there and nodded and thanked her.  She is from China, so there may have been some kind of cultural disconnect, but still.

Then, today, Hannah and I were innocently shopping at Warehouse (Walmart) and the cashier made some comment (I’ve mentally blocked the exact wording).  I could feel the steam of rage coming out of Hannah’s ears at her rudeness.  She was very kind and sympathetic, assured me that a doctor would help me, and wished me luck, but still.

WTF people?!?!  Great ladies, thanks for making me feel even more like a leper than I already do.  It’s like, “yes, that is all we see when we look at your face.”  It makes me want to hide away more than ever.  Two of my students have asked me about it, too.  One of them asked me why my face is red, and the other asked what the red stuff on my face was.  Gee, kids, I wish I knew why.
What now? I will try the other medication, Acanya, but I am going to make an appointment with the Health Services here on campus.  If they can’t help me, at least I can get information about a dermatologist in the city.   I’ve pretty much decided that it’s not my normal acne.  I’ve never gotten acne on my cheeks and its also never been this bad.  Maybe its an infection? Or an allergy to something in the air? All I know is that I’ve had enough of feeling ugly, and I’ve had enough of people reminding me about it.  I want it gone.

Do you have any suggestions for me?



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12 responses to “The Camera Loves Me!

  1. kath pace

    hang in there girl! I am in tears hearing about the comments from the adults. It truly amazes me just how far people will go. don’t worry- they are not worth it and you know you are doing what needs to be done now…you ARE on the right track. As far as the kids. Kids are different from adults commenting..hopefully anyway. They say what is on their mind(what they are seeing) and I doubt very much they said anything to hurt your feelings but rather they are wondering. It is a good opportunity for you to say BRIEFLY what it is and that many people go through “pimples’. It is not abnormal…maybe they have a sister or brother who has pimples. Hang in there and here is a hug for you!!

    • I love your Mrs. P! thanks for the love and support ❤

    • Julie H.

      Miss J.
      You are lovely with acne or without. I am a bit older that you and started breaking out everywhere on my face. I had the nasty kind of acne called cystic acne, the under the skin kind that gets huge and very painful. I finally found after many Dr’s visits that I was not producing progesterone and my hormones were out of whack, causing acne. I now am on some hormone meds, feeling better and no acne.
      Just a thought and I hope you find what you need.

  2. Oh my gosh, you had much more control than I would have in those situations. Not saying I would have straight up smacked them, but I would have said something as they had absolutely no right to comment. I understand the first lady was trying to help, but that’s still none of her business. Sorry you’re suffering from acne, though. I’ve always had some sort of blemish ever since hitting puberty although it’s gone down ever since starting Yaz, have you concidered that? I know many people don’t like birth control, but after trying loads of presciption medication for my acne, I talked to my doctor about putting me on Yaz and it’s helped tremendously. Other than that, I’ve found Nutrigena Pink Grapefruit face wash to work the best for me in combination with Clean & Clear 2-n-1 moisturizer…but recently I’ve been washing my face with antibacterial face soap and it seems to work even better.

    • Oh trust me, I WANTED to smack ’em. About Yaz, I am on Gianvi, which is the generic version of Yaz (to save $10) but it hasn’t helped too much. I used to use the Nutrigena plain oil-free acne washed and LOVED it but its so expensive here in New Zealand! I think I need to get it, though. I’ve never thought of an antibacterial soap, what kind do you use?

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  4. Holly

    I had acne like yours in college and accutane was a miracle for me. Maybe it will work for you too. Good luck! you have a great attitude!

  5. Gina montesino

    Get a hormone panel..may be hormonal. Cut out all sugar and caffeine, use a hydrating cleanser such as cetaphil or cerave and their moisturizer as well. Yoga or anything that relaxes you is a must. Yaz or any birth control pills are not good for any woman so use as last resort. If you use make up go for bare minerals or anything non-comodogenic. Best wishes.

  6. Gina montesino

    PS accutane only lasts 10 yrs and has harmful effects. Not worth the risk

  7. vanessa angelo

    Hi, i am currently on minocycline pills after going to the dermatologist and benzaclin. i will let you know if that works. In the meantime cover up with Dermablend it works great and will help you feel better since it covers up EVERYTHING! I would not even dream about going out without my dermablend. i admire you for your confidence. Best of luck!

  8. Alisha Nagree

    You are one brave, brave girl!i know exactly how you feel. The past few months have been super traumatic for me too because of a severe acne breakout on my face….but thankfully all the breakouts have stopped as i took this ayurvedic composition “safi” for amonth and made huge diet changes. I want you to know that you arent alone. You have very captivating smile and such beautiful eyes.hang in there….ur skin will improve for sure

  9. Tweetybird

    Ignore all those people!!Remember u r beautiful inside and out,hold ur head up high and know u r not alone *hugs*

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