The Flights!

Flashback: February 13th, 2011

Hello, everyone!  After living in New Zealand for 2 weeks already, I finally have internet in my apartment! Which means, bring on the blog……

I have been keeping a little journal about all of my adventures so far, so I’ll share it bit by bit until I catch up with myself.  Here it goes!


We traveled more than 9,000 miles to get here!  Our first flight was an evening flight from Newark, NJ to LAX.  The flight was undersold, so we were able to switch our seats and get a whole row of 3 seats to ourselves!  How luxurious, right?  Our goal for this 6-hour flight was to just stay awake so that we could sleep on the “big flight.”

There was a bit of a letdown because my headphone portal didn’t work, so I couldn’t listen to any movies on my TV screen.  It wasn’t a big deal though because I was able to read Women’s Health cover-to-cover  and listen to some of the awesome playlists my friends made for me before we left.

My mom gave me the coolest (and prettiest!) activity books before we left.


One was hangman (sweet!) and the other was logic (turned out to be more work than fun, lol).  Hannah and I had a good time doing to Hangman, we impressed ourselves at how good we were!

We landed on time in LAX, but realized we had NO idea where to go for our connecting flight.  But, it’s a good thing that we are skilled eavesdroppers, because we heard the people sitting in front of us say that they were looking for Air New Zealand, so we non-creepily followed them lol.  Apparently we had to take a shuttle to the other terminal.  We ended up talking to the young couple, and they were  MOVING to New Zealand!  She had a job as a professor in kinesiology somewhere in NZ.  Pretty cool, eh?  (Note: Kiwi’s say “eh” a lot, just like Canadians!)

We got to our gate, and although we originally had a two hour layover, we were scrambling for time!  We dashed around getting food, going to the bathroom, and exchanging US dollars to NZ dollars.  Most importantly, we didn’t have seats next to each other, so we spoke to the woman at the gate (one of the rudest people we’ve met so far on this journey, by the way).  I whispered to Hannah, “kill her with kindness!”  She was quite the beyotch, but a few minutes later, she called us back and not only did she get us seats together, but we were also on the end of a 4 person row with an empty seat next to us!  She said something funny to Hannah at the gate about trusting her and how she came through for us.  We cured her with our kindness 🙂

It was great to have so much room for the 13-hour flight.  By some miracle, Hannah and I slept for almost 9 hours of the flight!  They gave us two meals and I was able to watch a movie, but mostly I just slept.

Which is good, because when we landed it was 7:30am in Auckland, and time to go….go…..GO!!!!!

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