Our weekends start on Tuesdays…

Flashback: March 8th-10th

Well, all, I’ve just partaken in 3 big nights out in a row….IN THE MIDDLE OF THE WEEK!!! who am I?  I don’t know.

On Tuesday, Hannah was very depressed when we realized yesterday that it was Mardis Gras and we didn’t even know it.  The poor thing.  She just loves getting excited about holidays, but I guess they don’t celebrate it here in New Zealand!  You literally would never know it was Mardis Gras.  It just doesn’t exist here.  No parades, no decorations, no nothing!  Why?  Mardis Gras is a one-last-hurrah kind of deal for Christians (Catholics) who are about to give everything up for lent.  Aren’t there Catholics here?  I guess it’s more of an American thing, because of Mardis Gras in New Orleans, and what?  A French thing?  It remains a mystery.  Regardless, we immediately donned whatever we had in purple, yellow, and green, and played jazz music.  Toffee Pops were also consumed as a way to celebrate Fat Tuesday.

It wasn’t a complete disappointment, though, because Tuesday nights are Trivia and Karaoke Night at our favorite bar, Father Ted’s!  We were able to celebrate…sort of! Trivia was REALLY hard last night, there were a bunch of questions that I could barely even come up with a guess.  We didn’t come in last, though, which we decided is all that matters!  After trivia comes Karaoke, where Hannah and I always star in a double-act.  We were set on doing Cee Lo Green’s “F*ck You” (and so were all our friends!) but alas, they didn’t have the karaoke version.  We went for Katy Perry’s “Hot N Cold” instead.  We were surprised to hear that we were first up!  We rocked it, of course, though our microphones were squeaking a bit.

We had a fun night out to celebrate “Mardis Gras” …or I guess a lack thereof.

Wednesday was dancing <— Read Hannah’s account here.  It’s hilarious and accurate!  It had been too, too long since I’d been out dancing, so I begged her to come along!  She did forget to mention that we danced like maniacs for 2 whole hours without anyone creeping on us!  Score!

Thursday night (last night) was the Study Abroad Welcome Party at a bar downtown.  The invitation said that “platters would be served” so we didn’t eat before, which was bad news because upon arrival, there was:

  1. one free drink ticket and
  2. not enough food to go around

That’s a bad combination for my little self.  I needed food pronto.  Then this happened:


We dashed over to Danny Doolan’s (right next door) for some grub.  Fish and chips were rapidly consumed.  Hit. The. Spot.

After putting something other than Mac’s Gold in our bellies, we went back over to the party, where we danced with some of our new friends while watching a live band play (lead guitarist is also our Study Abroad Coordinator).

And now the REAL weekend is about to start!  Except this weekend is the Noho Marae, a cultural experience.  Stay tuned!


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