Our First Weekend

Flashback: February 19th-20th, 2011

Last Friday, we went to the beach, Takapuna, which is just a 20 minute bus ride away!  Though it was sort of cloudy and “cold,” we still had an excellent picnic and stared at the view for hours.


Can you blame us? Magnificent.

That night, we went to the Chinese Lantern Festival at a park right near our apartment.  We started off the evening by eating some delicious vegetarian Chinese food.


Then we each had half a pineapple with Hokey Pokey inside for dessert.


After sunset, we walked around looking at all the gorgeous lanterns all lit up.  They were huge and ornate, such a fun sight to see!


We started off our first Saturday with a trip to the Farmer’s Market. For breakfast, we had a gourmet chocolate-almond croissant as a treat from an artisan baker, plus I had a ginger latte.  The produce was so cheap, so we were naturally very excitable, and stocked up for the week.  For lunch, we got a gourmet ham sandwich from the jolliest Kiwi lady ever.  I am not lying when I say that it was the most delicious ham I’d every tasted.


Later in the day, we hiked up Mount Eden, which is just a 25-minute walk from our apartment.  The view from the top was incredible!


That night, there was a meetup at Father Ted’s Pub for all study abroad students.  When we walked in, we were shocked to see our adviser playing lead guitar in the band!  We always have a good time at Father Ted’s 🙂

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