International Student Orientation

Flashback: February 16th-17th, 2011

Our second day!  When we got up, we made a journey down to Countdown, the supermarket in Auckland Central.  It is really big and newly renovated, plus we were able to get a lot of great stuff for pretty cheap!  It was quite a huge excursion, so we relaxed around the apartment for the rest of the day and decided to go out to dinner.  After doing some research in Hannah’s Lonely Planet guidebook…


(basically our Bible for this trip) we decided to try an Indian restaurant, Satya, which is on K’Road.  We chose the two meals recommended in the book:


This is dahi puri, which is a chickpea, potato, and yoghurt creation on a pappadam.  It had a very curious flavor that we weren’t crazy about first, but it certainly grew on us!  We also got the masala dosa:


It’s a crepe filled with potato and onion curry, with three tasty dipping sauces!  This was SOOOO GOOD!  Plus, we got it all for pretty cheap!  We are definitely going to go back 🙂

The next day was International Student Orientation at AUT!  It was a really busy day, orientation started at 8:45am and went until 4:00pm.  It was sort of awkward because the entire program was geared towards students who coming from overseas to do ALL of their college at AUT, so it wasn’t exactly geared towards study abroad students.  The most exciting part was our break for morning tea, where we ate the most delicious cookies!  Mmmmm Toffee Pops….

We attended lectures about the types of campus logistics we were going to get done (most importantly, our ID cards, which we THOUGHT would give us internet, how silly of us).  But we also went to an Info Expo, where there were tons of different on and off campus stuff that we might be interested in, like free sports games and travel deals.  Then I attended two very boring lectures after lunch.  One was about insurance (which was useful, I guess) and the other was about the academic support service (which is for people who are learning English).  I was laughing to myself as the speaker started off by saying “since most of you are English language learners…”  We ended the day in a study abroad meeting, where we talked about all the funness of being a study abroad student.  We also learned about this company called GOOT – Get Out Of Town that is a great resource for us student travelers.

Later in the day, we went to get some ice cream with some people we met during orientation.


This is my roommate Tim eating THE BEST ice cream they have.  It’s called Hokey Pokey and it is basically caramel ice cream with toffee balls.

New Zealand is delicious!


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