Final Preparations

Flashback: February 2011

Next week, I will be in the ’70s.  Degrees Fahrenheit, that is.  Goodbye wind chill/snowice/sleet/freezing rain!!

Skyping with Tara and helping her pack for her semester abroad in Ireland.  I don’t know how we function with such distance between us.  She leaves Saturday, I’m going to miss her sooo much!  And I’m super jealous.  Pretty soon she’ll be chillin at an Irish pub….

NEW ZEALAND SHOES!  Tara, this is all for you.  Here are the shoes I have purchased for New Zealand.  This is not an exclusive photo gallery of all shoes I will take the New Zealand, just of the ones I have bought with New Zealand in mind. (Totally lol-ing at myself as I took pictures of my feet.)

Black shoes: The Teacher Shoe.  Dansko Mary Jane Clogs.  So comfortable!  Friends Hannah and Julia own pairs.  Highly recommendations, obviously.  I actually think it’s a law that in order to graduate with a degree in education from the University of Vermont, you must own a pair of these.  Check!

Maroon heels:  $6.48 from Target clearance shelf! Whoopie!  Perfect closed-toe dress shoe. Super. Cute.

Sexy sandals:  Speak for themselves.  Sorry my sexy feet are not pictured in the sexy shoes, but my toes are un-pedicured, so therefore they are temporarily un-sexy.  My apologies.

Am I done packing yet?


Today, my mom and I did some VERY important, last minute preparations.  Like getting our nails done.


My feet have not seen the light of day in soooo long.  They were in desperate need of some pampering because it’s sandal-weather in NZ!!!  They clean up pretty nice, don’t they?  I really love my feet.  Don’t ask me why but I’ve always thought that they are beautiful!  Especially when they are all dressed up!


I also got my first French manicure!  I feel like a princess! (Marie Antoinette, I decided)  Though the procedure freaked me out a bit.  I got this thing called Shellac, which is supposed to make it last longer, but it required several layers of mysterious chemicals….I’m not a big fan of chemicals.  But I am a big fan of how it looks!  We had such fun.  Thanks Mom!

We also did more legit errands, such as buying my required travel literature (Women’s Health, Glamour, and Cosmopolitan magazines) and a few of my favorite travel-sized toiletries that I’ll need to stay fresh for the 24+ hours of travel ahead of me.

Then, after dinner at Ted’s Montana Grill (I eat Bison Burgers! Are you shocked? I’m sure there will be no Bison Burgers in NZ), I officially wrapped up my packing, checked in for the flight, and added almost 200 new songs to my iPod.

And with that, I think that I am ready.



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2 responses to “Final Preparations

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  2. I love getting my nails done 🙂 So much more fun with a mom or sister, though! Love your sandals!

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