Devonport, New Zealand

Flashback: February 22nd-24th, 2011

Last Tuesday was the day of the earthquake in Christchurch.  Hannah and I spent the morning watching the news, tearing up at the devastation.  I had only been here a week at that point, but I’d already felt such a connection to New Zealand and a deep love for it and it’s people.  It’s just devastating.


We spent the rest of the day stimulating the NZ economy by shopping!  All the young Kiwi girls have a pretty distinctive style that we covet, so we got a few items to attempt to look as cool as they do.

Later that night, we went to a free “Welcome to Kiwiland” BBQ that we thought was organized by this group dedicated to connecting international people with local families, but instead it was a Christian organization.  We felt a little tricked, but we had a good time all the same enjoying some free food and playing badminton.

In the evening, we did some karaoke at Father Ted’s.  We raised the roof during our performance of Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance.”  Already practicing for upcoming karaoke nights.

Last Wednesday we got our final flatmate!  Ben is from northern New Zealand, and he’s already becoming a great friend.

Last Thursday, we went back to Devonport to spend a day exploring the town.  We started off the day by eating at the Stone Oven


I got a delicious chickpea croissant and a huge-ass greek salad.  It served as good fuel for hiking Mount Victoria!


After our hike, we treated ourselves to some of the most exciting chocolates I’ve ever had!


We got four chocolates to share: dark chocolate chili, white chocolate honey, dark chocolate ginger, and milk chocolate strawberry balsamic.  We basically saw God.  After we came back down to Earth, we saw two museums.  The Devonport Museum (basically just an organized collection of historically significant antiques:


We discovered a hidden reserve behind the museum, too!


After we explored that a bit, we went to the Navy Museum, which was brand new and very moving (a New Zealand Navy Base is located in Devonport.)


Then, we hiked up Mont Head, which was full of all sorts of creepy tunnels to explore!


To finish off our fun-filled day, we relaxed on Cheltenham beach, which at low tide had comically shallow water as far as the eye can see!


Here is Hannah basically in the middle of the ocean.  See how far she is from the shoreline?!  That’s Mount Head in the background.

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